Small Steps to Giant Improvements - Master Pawn Play by Sam Shankland


I tried Kmoch's book several years ago, and found it pretty hard going. But my chess understanding was also a lot weaker. Since then, I've mentioned the book to a couple of masters and IMs, and most of them heaped praise on it.

hicetnunc wrote:


This is a good book for pretty much any level of player, provided you have basic board vision (ie. 1300+ elo OTB roughly). Shankland does a good job of explaining things in great detail, using comparisons between similar positions.


1300?!  I have beaten some of those folks the last couple years... excellent, thanks, Hicetnuc.  Maybe I will take a look at this after I get through Kmoch and Hickl.

RussBell wrote:

@uri65 -

By the way.  I meant to thank you for alerting us to Sam Shankland's new book on pawn play.  It looks good.  I have ordered a copy!

You are welcome! I'll really apreciate to know your opinion after you read it. Unfortunately my speed of reading is way too slow.

On Amazon it has received only 5-star reviews so far. At least it reassures me that my first impression was not completely wrong happy.png