needdd lessons help plzzzzz

Help mi plz



i might be able to help. im not a master or coach tho, but i do have some exp


You are premium member lots of lessons in Make use of it.


Hello. I'm offering lessons  Just check out my profile, I have the details on there.


Would you like to try a free lesson with me?

Coaching philosophy: I am the rudder of the boat, steering you in the right direction. The speed of the boat is out of my control, how fast the you want to improve is entirety up to you.

Coaching Range

Beginner - 1400.

 I will be focusing on teaching you the foundations of chess witch are tactics. How to setup tactics in game.


If you are interested in a chess lesson, please feel free to message me.

I do free long lessons and it's all up to you how you want me to teach them, I am very experienced and would love to share that with everyone. If you are interested please friend me and chat 💭 and I will reply as soon as possible. If you have any questions ask me on PM and as I said it for free and it's not something you need to worry about and you don't need to put it in your schedule name me a time that your free and hopefully I'm not busy! Thank you so much hope to get a reply
Best wishes, Asterix93

Dear Chessfriend,

My name is Gabor Balazs. I am a Hungarian FM, fighting for the IM title. My top ELO is 2435. I have been playing chess for 21 years. I won the Hungarian Rapid Championship twice (U16 and U18).

I love teaching chess and it is very important for me that both of us enjoy the lessons beside the hard work. I have pupils almost all the levels from beginners to advanced players (1100-2200 ELO).

You can see a lot of feedbacks from my coaching services here:

Why should you choose me?

- I have a widespread opening repertoire (a lot of openings are analysed by strong Grand Masters).

- I have a lot of chess books in PDF and Chessbase format, so I can teach you the main middlegame plans, the art of calculations, famous chess games and the endgame theory.

- I have elaborated, personalized training plans, which help you to improve your skills effectively.

- I help you analyse your games deeply, so you can realise your mistakes and learn from them.

- I am really flexible and hard-working person, the quality of my work is really important for me.

My rate is 50 USD/hour or 40GBP/hour.

Please, contact me (, if you are interested in working with me, I am looking forward to your message. happy.png


oh look its a fide master, he might be able to help


Why dont you try chessable too? Like its pretty interactive and they have some stuff they work on with Magnus directly

I loved this but there are free stuff so don't worry