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Looking for a coach/partner(s)

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    Hello there fellow chess enthusiasts!

    So the thing is, i have been interested in chess and passively learning ir for quite some time now but i'm having some trouble really getting into it and putting in the work to improve, mainly because im not sure how to go on about it. In that sense i'm looking for someone preferably stronger (but not necessarily) to guide me and mostly help me commit to regular pratice and join me in learning and studying chess (and playing obviously).

    I'm not a complete begginer and i know some concepts and tactics, but i'm also at that point where i have trouble coming up with decent ideas and not really sure what to do most of the time. I would estimate i am somewhere between 1000 and 1200.

    We could work as a group if more people are interested and comitted. Basically just looking for people who want to have some fun actually learning the game.
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    I'm interested but I'm also in the 1000-1150ish range and so I wouldn't be very helpful. I'm down to play regularly though!

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     I'd be interested in that, Group learning sounds like a welcome change of pace for studying chess happy.png

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    It looks like your way ahead of me in chess, and you probably won't learn anything from me, but I think we should do it! (the group learning)

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    sounds good with me, Pedralicamosa happy.png


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    let's do it!

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    I'm 1450+ and I'm going higher and higher ...... I'd love to join this group .

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    Here's a thread of a 1200 player (his words but I think he is way way better), maybe you can cum together learning chess chess-mentor/1200-want-to-help-beginners

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    I can coach at a rate of 10$ per hr. interested people can text me back. thank you :)

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    Iam Interested to join in this group...

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    I can join the group if needed.

    Thank you.


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    Would love to hear more about your goals. 

    I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience. To learn more about me, see wwww.premierchess.com or Premier Chess Facebook Page


    Email me at erabin66@gmail.com or call (917)776-1306 to ask any questions or set up a free 30 minute consultation. 

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    I am also interested in finding a training partner. My elo is 1650.


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    If you made a group or club send me an invite!

    Anyone looking for a training partner, just message me!




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