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4 Knights Scotch Variation Question

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    I'm reading this book: "The Ideas Behind Chess Openings".

    In the section about the Scotch Game, there's this sequence (purported as the main line)

    Read the comment at move 13.


    So my quesiton is: If that's correct, why is the exchange sacrifice offered.  And, if it's incorrect, will someone please give me the correct line?



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    Perhaps 11.Qf3 Be7 actually happened (that looks reasonable), and the rest of black's moves in some different order, with Nd1 as a reply to Rb8.

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    Yeah, I'm going to say that has to be the case.  Probably something more like this:

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    Yup @ Scarblac & Remludar, as I used to play this variation as Black myself, I can safely say that 11...Be7 or 11...Bd6 are overwhelmingly played. Don't think I ever saw Be6 played on that move. Remludar's is the usual kind of move order you could expect.


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