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Aggressive Response to 4...Nf6 in the Scotch

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    No, the first three moves were given in the tournament. And most 1700s would see that Qd6 or Bh3 win positionally, I just wasn't paying attetion, and I definately wasn't engining. 32% when one is allowed opening databases is actually a quite small number as well.

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    Also, that analysis of that game took thirty minutes at least, just to write down my moves and what the engine suggested, without any actual analysis or any improvement in my chess. I am sick of you idiot garbage players accusing me of cheating, wasting my time, and making me look bad.

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    Also, haven't you noticed that most people on this site have higher correspondance ratings than blitz. If you haven't, look again.

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    That's probably because chess.com doesn't do anything about the people who engine...

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    The more players that engine the lower the ratings are. It's harder for players to get high ratings in standard because at that time control everyone they're playing is engining. YERESLOV, YOU BETTER NAME THE GAME YOU REFERENCED OR DELETE THAT COMMENT


    If anyone claims I cheated again, I will report them. Please back up your claims with evidence, not, "oh, I looked at this game, and I think he might have used an engine." Or "He engines because in CC everyone engines". This seems to be how Yereslov and Gavinator support their arguments.

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    If you suspect someone, please use the top corner Help link. When that page opens, click on the left side option where it says Contact Us and submit a 'Suspected Cheat' ticket.


    Also see this page




    We provide tools to report cheating to our staff. But having several constant and redundant threads on the topic that circulate with the same questions and comments over and over again isn't helpful, and instead causes people to worry more than they need to. If you want to discuss cheating, please do it in this group



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