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Best Opening?

  • #1

    What is your favourite opening? Mine is the Sicilan Defense Dragon Variation: Yugoslav attack

  • #2

    I only play the Sicilan as white being content to defent the Ruy Lopez.

    If white and Im given a chance I play the Kings Gambit.

    But chess is like life we often have to compromise and be guided into lines by our opponent.

  • #3

    King's Gambit as white, Sicilian Dragon/Grundfeld as Black.

  • #4

    black: copying the opponent

    white:kings gambit or indian defence

  • #5

    u noob raadee(tossue) and plus u dont know whats the kings gambit not to mention even what a gambit is

  • #6

    silence andrew

  • #7

    White(e4): Scotch Game Four Knights Variation

    White(d4): Open Catalan

    Black(e4): Traxler Countergambit

    Black(d4): Transpose to Pirc


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