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Defences to the Parham Attack

  • #761



    Can someone kill the parham? It should only have 2 points left Laughing

  • #762

    I'm still concerned about Gavin though.  Where is he?  Are you sure he wasn't banned?

  • #763

    yeah if he was the OP wouldn't be visable. plus I checked his profile he is still a member but I think he gave up on this site.

  • #764

    How do you know that?  Are you friends with him off the site?

  • #765

    nope we live in different states. but I am just guessing. he hasn't posted at all today. maybe he just gave up because either

    A. He thinks we are all to dumb because we think that the Parham is a fail


    B. He thinks we are all trolls



    I myself vote for

    C. all of the above

  • #766

    THe truth is he just rage quit! :)

  • #767

    Maybe..but its late June.  Finals are usually in May and December.  Plus I figure he could still get on here every once in a while even if he was studying.

  • #768

    heck I was on here while I was studying

  • #769

    What will become of this thread without it's spiritual leader, @The_Gavinator?

    One shudders to think of the ramifications.

    Almost as cataclysmic as IM @Pfren shaving off his beard.    

  • #770

    Ok, what you guys say about HS June finals makes sense.  I always assumed Gavin was in college or grad school though.

  • #771
    joeydvivre wrote:

    @alexlaw - Do you really think that a guy from Chad is charging $375/hr for chess lessons from a 1000 player in a country with per capita yearly income of < $2000?  

    Still a better deal than christiansoldier.

  • #772
    jetfighter13 wrote:

    its around 10 dollars an hour. minimum is 7.25 an hour

    Maybe if they are as dumb as you, the average is well over $20 an hour, and the average American is pretty freaking dumb. If you aren't a retard you can make $30/hr at least.

  • #773
    joeydvivre wrote:

    Who do you all think IM pfren voted for over the weekend?  I think he votes conservative.  Seems like a misplaced Reagan Republican to me.

    I'd say nobody since he lives in Greece. Although it wouldn't suprise me if this country is so crappy that it now lets people who don't live here make the decisions.

  • #774

    Gavin, welcome back!  We are all worried about you...

  • #775
    jetfighter13 wrote:

    nope he just gave up

    No I was at camp, that's what most teenagers do during the summer, they don't sit around trolling chess forums for the entire summer.

  • #776
    joeydvivre wrote:

    Maybe Gavinator is just studying for his finals in school?  

    That was almost as funny as when CS took the board with 2...g6 seriously. I had finals a week or two ago, easiest week of the year. Almost as easy as watching movies like we do the rest of the year, it seems I haven't learned anything since 5th grade.

  • #777

    Gavinator I actually know the stats average is around $10 an hour because I actually tried to get a job. but because the job market sucks balls right now no teen can. and I will be going to a 14 day camp and you are the one who was trolling. this site was great, then you showed up, then you went to camp and it was great again then you showed up and reignited discussions we didn't want to get to again. take this to your own group and leave the public alone. you have a paham group for a reason so you people can discus your pathetic opening. go there and do that.

  • #778

    This is a Parham thread, you are the one trolling by not discussing the Parham in it. And most teenagers work under $10 an hour, many adults are college educated and make well over $30 dollars an hour. Typical conceeded type of person that you are.

  • #779

    59 pages on the parham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geez.

  • #780

    yeah but when a person makes that much it is measured in an annual salary not per hour. I mean there are jobs where you don't even need a colledge degree to make approxamately 75 bucks an hour. but you have to be willing to put up with a lot of crap. also don't mess with a redneck. or the son of a soldier.


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