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Does anyone know how to put life into the petroff

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    jempty_method wrote:
    netzach wrote:
    jempty_method wrote:
    netzach wrote:
    jempty_method wrote:
    plutonia wrote:

    so, did you guys decided if sac'n' a knight on f7 is ok?

    I lost to Expertise1987 but then again he's rated 300 points higher.  Things went south for me around 13...Be6 -- until then I played many of the standard plans against the Cochrane Gambit (...g6, also ...c5 and in response to dxc5 ...Nc6) and seemed to be holding my own.  He thinks I resigned prematurely, that I should have played 28...g5, I remember considering 28. Rf1 for him when 28...g5? would have run into 29. f5, so in that case I intended 28...Rf5 instead.


    Has this changed your mind about Cochrane Gambit then?

    C42: Russian Game: Cochrane Gambit

    Not really; for instance according to my engine there was the much stronger 8...Be6 in response for Black, keeping a substantial edge.  All that happened is I got beat by a significantly stronger opponent -- that extra strength was enough apparently for him to give me odds.

    But is that a valid excuse (rating) when your doppelganger achieved this?:

    Highest:2415 (12/15/10)Lowest:1513 (12/22/09)Avg. Opp.:1960 (3 months)Best Win:2562 (billwall)


    Thanks for reminding me about that.  The premium account I voluntarily closed you mean?  And then when starting a new premium account with the same credentials (credit card, billing address) -- which they don't issue to cheaters -- I couldn't use my previous username.  And that was online chess rather than, plus have you seen BillWall's rating lately: 400 points lower, presumably because of engine usage becoming more prevalent in the meantime.

    You're going to have to try harder to discredit me: I got a USCF 2000+ correspondence rating in the 1980's before engine usage.  This qualified me for the 1996 US Correspondence championship qualifies, where, as lowest seed, I acheived at least one winning position against a master before I forfeited when my father was dying.  And I also devised a theoretical novelty in what is considered to be an inferior line for Black, that a 2400-player used to draw the strong GM Sax several years ago.  Both of these are in megabase by the way: any of your pre-engine correspondence games, beating masters, or coming up with useful TN's in there?  I didn't think so.

    Not attempting to discredit?

    Just being factual as you had explained gameplay due to rating in your game with Expertise.

    Of course those with great talent in chess achieve GM title by 20yrs old at latest. We are just casual/fun players on chess.com correct?

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    jempty_method wrote:
    SmyslovFan wrote:

    For a while, this thread was about chess. 

    It was about chess but apparently a number of us (not just me) insulted paw widdle DrSpudnik's bewuhved Fwench Defense and especially his illogical view that the symettrical Exchange variation somehow conferred an advantage on the side down a tempo.  Then I had the audacity to mention an actual authority as opposed to just us amateur and this sent the Spudnik into orbit.  I challenged him to a game where he could defend his French Defense but he has all sorts of excuses and seemingly would prefer to troll and resign vote chess games without consulting his teammates.

    All the mawkish goo-goo talk can't hide the fwagile ego.

    And your endless digging up of this minor episode on this thread really does support my claim that you are a gasbag troll. You just can't let it go and always have to cast aspersions on anyone who disagrees with you. You call people names either directly (like "coward" or "POS") or indirectly with your finely honed passive-aggressive speech pattern. Then you wonder why people don't want to spend weeks engaged with you in a chess game that, ultimately, will prove nothing. I will not ever play you, because you are a nasty person. You're not funny. You're not clever (spudnik in orbitFrown). And you aren't nice, as shown in your obsessive personal attack against me.

    When I said that the Exchange French is "really good for Black" I didn't mean that it "conferred an advantage." It just solves a bunch of Black's opening problems and defers the actual struggle well into the middlegame. The crummy light-squared Bishop is freed from its miserable corner and the tension in the center is resolved without White getting a space advantage and other structural plusses as in the Advance Variation (3.e5). Maybe Korchnoi wasn't up to the standards of your IM guru, but he seemed to do pretty well against White in the Exchange. If anyone needs more proof of the Exchange going flat for White, look up the statistics. White does well with 3.Nc3, 3.Nd2 and 3.e5. But with the Exchange, Black is no worse off and White's winning chances, at best, drift into draw territory.

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    This whole exchange shows how far this "Sputnik" will go to hide the ultimate fact that he is, indeed, a coward.  I mean, just disable chat and play chess.  You do realize that this is "chess" dot com, right?  Not "Troll with your overweight loser buddies" dot com.

    You talk smack yet refuse to back your talk up on the board.  You are a straight-up coward. 

    ahh johnny is back , as usual.

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    Who is "Johnny"?  My name is Schneider.  And I was the President of the Petroff opening division of the chess club at the Sorbonne in Paris.

    Oh goody goody an expert here.

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    Original Gangbro not so original.

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    Original_Gangbro wrote:

    I wasn't trying to be "funny," just pointing out the fact that Spudnik's refusing the game challenge after mouthing all that invective just shows what a coward he is. 

    You're hanging out with the wrong crowd, Czervik.  It's a shame, after that great role you had in Caddyshack.

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    The past can stay buried, far as I'm concerned.

    Time to move on.

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    Original_Gangbro wrote:

    Who is "Johnny"?  My name is Schneider.  And I was the President of the Petroff opening division of the chess club at the Sorbonne in Paris.

    And I am the Pope.  

    So who are you a sockpuppet for?   Since you obviously just showed up today and somehow developed a nasty grudge against DrSpudnik in that short time, why don't you just tell us who you really are?

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    a footbridge ?

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    Apparently yes:

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    A Danish footbridge!

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    :)) The one illustrated is in ''Inverness'' Scottish Highlands. 

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    The Danes seem to have taken a shine to it.

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    Conquistador wrote:
    Original_Gangbro wrote:

    Who is "Johnny"?  My name is Schneider.  And I was the President of the Petroff opening division of the chess club at the Sorbonne in Paris.

    And I am the Pope.  

    We always knew you were going places! Will you be Conq I?

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    The job is coming open soon. Maybe you can apply for it.

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    They may provide popemobile to drive around in.

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    He has to take that class to learn the correct way to wave, though.

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    Vishy Anand has no problems putting life into the Russian Defense. 

    Take a look at today's win against Daniel Fridman (2667 FIDE). 

    Here's his game, analysis courtesy of Chessbase.com (http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=8860):

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    Classical Attack win against highest rated player faced C42. 10/0

    Interesting handling with not  a lot of errors.


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