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English Defence!?

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    I introduce you the English Defence!! A not so popular defence for black against white's 1.d4 or sometimes 1.c4 but it shall not be underestimated!! You can join this group English Defence and we will learn about it and study its variations! The group used to be inactive but we are reviving it!! So if you have any interest in this opening please join.Laughing

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    with e6  this transposes to a keres defence. although i suppose you could still call this an english move order. but white can always get e4 in because black hasn't played Nf6 like in a queen's indian. 

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    no bennyhaha, he was right, that is English defence.  Keres Defence is 1 d4 e6 2 c4 Bb4.

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    hm, noticing different opening books/databases say different things, but the name doesn't really matter. 

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    This is a strange beginning for an English Opening!!!

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    @benonidoni the English opening(1.c4) is different from the English defence :)

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    Conzipe wrote:

    I put much effort into perfecting this opening. After finding countless of novelties and refuting the refutations, I was celebrating. I actually created an extremely dangerous and flawless weapon. Or so I thought. Naive as I was, I didn't realize there was a threat from an entirely different direction.

    It started as a minor concern, I thought this would be easy to handle, it's considered good after all. Also, there is a very little chance a d4 player would every play this, right?!

    However it started to become known. I was an english defense player, the first reaction was to make extreme preparations then attack me in my own territory.

    However this approach backfired heavily, my defense was flawless. They tried countless of times, all failing miserably.

    It was time for new plan of attack. Instead of battling in my land they decided to lead me somewhere else.
    A territory the usual d4 player would never dare to enter since it belongs to an entirely different country. However the land is far better explored, which means they would not have to fear unpleasant surprises. Also with accurate manuevering they could put me under some pressure.

    The strategy was successful, they managed to bring me down with their new weapon. They spread the good news to their companions, soon everyone would know about my weakness. In short everyone chose this territory as their battleground against me.

    Having a hard time dealing with the pressure I was desperately trying to find ways to escape. However no matter where I looked, I just didn't feel comfortable. The land was cursed, it was designed to destroy my flawless defense.

    I realized it was hopeless. I needed to evacuate my territory, my perfected english defense and look for another place to settle down. It was a hard decision to make, all my hard work going to waste.

    However I swore to take revenge against the cursed territory some day, you better be ready for it, the french defense!


    Should be entitled "Veterans of the Chess War I"Laughing

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    I love systems. At first I was replying 1...d6 against all of white's first move, but then I discovered 1...b6, so I made 1...b6 as my main weapon and 1...d6 as my back up. A single flaw of 1...b6 is that I cant move it if White opts for 1.g3.Cool


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