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How should Black continue? (Vienna Gambit 5. d3)

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    I recently played an OTB game with Black that started with this opening. I know the theory up to a certain point, but I'm unsure of what to do next:

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    Be6 or Be7 / Or c4 right now (its a tipical plan here-close c5-c4)/ I don't know what move is best ( maybe h6 even/ I choose c4 now but can change mind

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    8.d4 is probably a mistake here.

    Black can create problems for white with Bg4, with some ideas on taking on f3, on d4, Qh4 following.

    Thats why 8.Be2 is more played...

    Another idea (maybe stronger), is revealed in this game (and is the top move given by Stockfish) :

    White is lucky to escape with a draw here. Black is better and maybe we can improve at some moments.


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    Thanks for the help poucin. It's annoying having to know all of this theory isn't it?

    In my game I played 8... Be7?! and White ended up slightly better. I still won the game in the end, but only because my opponent blundered.


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