King's Indian defense

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    When is it best to use the king's Indian defense. Are the certain openings where is most effective? Whenever I use it, I end up trapping my bishop.

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    you should re-check your theory if you trap your bishop

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    Well the issue, as pfren says in one word is that its not the openings fault; its yours.

    Dont blame the opening for your middlegame mistakes.

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    Thanks topj for your suggestion. I will look into the theory behind the kings Indian defense.

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    pfren wrote:


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    if the opening is the kings indian defense, then it is. If not, then not.

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    it seems like you dont know how openings work. White has to play certain moves for the kings indian defense to exist. If you try to play the kings indian when white is playing different moves then...uh...some of your moves will probably end up being illegal.

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