Opening Specialists


Who are the leading experts on openings such as Nimzo Indian, Slav defense, Semi-Slav defense, Sicilian-Taimanov, etc?  It would be nice to know as it would help me in my study of master games.


Look at who plays those opening frequently. If someone responds with the Slav in 80% of their games against 1. d4, and they're a GM, you can be sure they're a leading expert -- regardless of if they write on it or not.


Nimzo - Kramnik, Karpov's old games

Slav and Semi-Slav - Shirov, Anand

Sicilian Taimanov - Mamedyarov, Movsesian


how about for the rest of the main openings: caro, french, ruy lopez, sicilian-najdorf, etc?



You want me to spell out the entire history of chess for you in a message forum post?

Go to a database, like,, or similar.  All your answers await you there.