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    Who are the leading experts on openings such as Nimzo Indian, Slav defense, Semi-Slav defense, Sicilian-Taimanov, etc?  It would be nice to know as it would help me in my study of master games.

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    Look at who plays those opening frequently. If someone responds with the Slav in 80% of their games against 1. d4, and they're a GM, you can be sure they're a leading expert -- regardless of if they write on it or not.

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    Nimzo - Kramnik, Karpov's old games

    Slav and Semi-Slav - Shirov, Anand

    Sicilian Taimanov - Mamedyarov, Movsesian

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    how about for the rest of the main openings: caro, french, ruy lopez, sicilian-najdorf, etc?

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    You want me to spell out the entire history of chess for you in a message forum post?

    Go to a database, like,, or similar.  All your answers await you there.

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