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Opening with two knights.. good or bad?I

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    I recently posted in this same category a thread called my favourite opening... Which was with two knights:

    This was not the best example of the opening as i quickly realised, but the main idea would be to open with two knights as soon as possible in order to control the center and develop the knights. So is this good or bad???

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    I see what you mean, but this was not the position i was going for.. it was more like this

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    Whatt are the odds that the oppponent will open that way? I never do, nor do most people I play

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    Actually this position (diagram #2) has occured quite a few times for me.. Possibly in live chess but mostly on an actual board

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    The main idea of this opening is, essentially, to develop your knights as early, and first, if possible , which gives you early control of the center, and it is also a good focal point for strong early attacks


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