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Scandinavian as black for the developing amateur: 3...Qa5 or 3...Qd6?

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    In the Caruana-Carlsen game, what was the purpose of Ne2 on move 8?

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    I like 3...Qa5 myself, but there are several ways white can play to crush you in the opening so you will need to study (or keep a list of the games you play where you get crushed so it doesn't happen again!)


    For example, here are some of the ideas I look for (after losing to them...lol)


    1.) early d5 breaks, make sure you are castled before they get this in otherwise... smoosh

    2.)  Ideas with Ne5 followed by g4! hitting your bishop on f5

    3.)  Ideas with Nd4 coming over to trap your queen (stockfish did this to me)

    4.)  Sacrifices on e6, especially rook sacs!

    5.)  Ideas with Bxh6

    **the sacrifices are usually possible if white delays the development of their kingside knight or queenside bishop... soooo if they do that you have to watch closely.. they can also get d5 in early in those lines.  


    If these scare you they should.  I'm a 1500 player and I love playing the Scandi, but I do have to watch for these ideas continuously and maybe there are scary lines I haven't seen yet too.  So it can be bad if white knows what they are doing, but usually white doesn't and you can get a solid middle game where you trade down into a nice end game where you can gang up on the d4 pawn. Happy Scandi to you!




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