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Schara Gambit refutation?

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    I played the Schara gambit a few days ago and i tried a new move which i had found in the game fidler- Mayer Istvan that went 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.cxd5 cxd4 5.dxe6 dxc3 6.exf7+ Ke7 7.fxg8N+ Rxg8 8.Bg5+ black resigns. Is there a way for black to improve this variation.

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    5...Bxe6 and white already is in bad shape.

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    Simply 5...Bxe6 and develop quickly and black has an advantage.

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    sorry but i really dont see where all of this compensation for the pawn is.

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    F22Raptor wrote:

    sorry but i really dont see where all of this compensation for the pawn is.

    6.Qxd4 loses the Queen... Innocent

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    no not qxd4 nb5 to put pressure on the pawn than e3 and if he takes than you exchange queens up a pawn.

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    6.Nb5 loses the knight.

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    Yeah i guess that it really was a myth sorry still its a good trap to set for beginers.

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    Forget it. 5. Qa4+ followed by Qxd4 and white is better

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    How can it be a "good trap" if White gets clearly worse by move five?

    Under the same reasoning 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qf7# is excellent: White is not clearly worse if Black reacts properly.

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    Some people are willing to go through any logical contortion in order to avoid playing good openings.

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    i dont mean that it is something that i would actually play i agree that my myth was busted and i appologize for making you go through all this trouble. i will switch back to qa4 check against the schara. Again thank you for busting my myth before i lost a rated game with it. Signing off.

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    And i dont usually play terrible trappy openings  i just didnt analyse it properly. 

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    It's not a "terrible trappy opening"- it's very -playable.

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    ifs not that its not playable its that white is in very bad shape by move five. Not a good recipe for success. Oh and Pfren i was talking about dxe6 not the Schara the Schara's certainly playable.

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    streetfighter wrote:
    pfren wrote:

    It's not a "terrible trappy opening"- it's very -playable.

     I was under the impression that it's almost lost for black if white follows a the simple plan of Qa4+/Qxd4/Qxd5/Qb3 (the main line)?!

    I can't recall where I read the analysis, but it may have been one of GM Paul Motwani's books.


    This is the newest book on the subject. According to the author (a strong IM) white has at best a slight advantage, and the opening is entirely playable at competitive level (not sure about correspondence chess).

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    I have told my pupils to play 5.Nc5, too- but errr, that was some 25 years ago. Still, many strong players use it, but mainly at blitz and rapid events.

    At that time, only 5...b6 and 5...e5 were thought to be playable, but Black has a few more resources. To be honest, I have lost touch with it, but I do believe it's still quite playable for white.


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