The Fred Defense


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This forum is dedicated to discussion of the Fred Defense, also known as:

Duras Gambit

Reversed From

Tiers Counter-Gambit

We will post analysis and opinions on this very strange opening.


The Fred Defense is best accepted, because in many lines, Black can show nothing for his pawn sacrafice. 2. exf5 is the best move. Now Black has:

2... Nf6

This is the Main Line Fred. It is probobly the best, if only playable variation.

2... Kf7

This is known as the Southern Fred. The idea is to sacrafice 1 or 2 pawns and castle by hand. This is the 2nd most popular.


can u show what it looks like.



This is the beginning of the Fred as I know it. It is really fun to play in blitz because although it is clearly just bad for black in a serious game, in blitz it is actually rather dangerous because white can get into trouble due to the easy development of the black pieces if white doesn't pay attention.



2... Kf7 is the "Southern Fred". 3. Qh5+ is the Mao Tse Tung Attack. This is the main line after 4... Kg7:

5. gxh7     Rxh7

6. Qg4+   Kh8

u crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyLaughing
...I really dont like Kf7?? cant u just play 1...e5 or 1...c5 or 1...e6..there are so many good defenses..what about f5? Sealed
I never said I play the Fred.

Do you mean to say you play the Fred?

ketchuplover wrote: I do. I haven't kept a record but I'm pretty sure I have more wins than far. 

I m sure you don t practice this opening against quality players.



   I would like to play a "Fred Defense Game" against you. How about it?

Frankly I do not now why people are so against playing this opening, I've actually had far more success against 1.e4 with 1....f5 than any other opening, especially 1....e5. This may just be becuase I hate kings opening for black in everyway, white overall has better chances with the standard king pawn game and so many ways to easily take control of the game, with 1...f5 not only will white likely not know how to counter it, but even if they do there are so many ways to take an advantage. After 2.exf5, 2....Nf6 is the best reply. It is a good opening to try out, but it is true black will almost always lose the match if he does not know how to play the Fred Defence correctly, but when practiced this opening can be a deadly counter to 1. e4.

I just invented (or reinvented) "1. e4 f5 2. exf5 d5" as a way to play the King's Gambit, however switching the tables (black does the gambit and white accepts it) instead of the other way around. I have played my twin (I don't know his rating because he doesn't play online or anything but mine is between 1150-1300)

and I have won (however I only played one game so it is not a good analysis at all). Does anyone see any good and/or bad things with this "reverse king's gambit"?


This picture is for my above post (it shows the "reverse king's gambit accepted". In addition to what I said above, if white declines, black can simply take and have one extra center pawn and white has one less.


Here's what can happen:


I'm just offering this game between two pretty good players to those skeptics out there.  You can play "bad" openings and win many games.  Your opponent doesn't have to be an idiot. 

Perhaps 7. Bd3 is the way to go.


wow... this opening is terrible...

bbirney wrote:

wow... this opening is terrible...


It would have to improve dramatically to be only terrible . . . it's instant disaster.  Anyone who would play it should probably be placed on suicide watch.

If stupid were chocolate, this opening would be a Godiva boutique.

We only see this defense when someone goes off their medications against medical advice.


The Duras Gambit/Fred Defence should be perfectly sound. It's like the kings gambit accept black is a tempo down... Can be good in correspondence chess.