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The Queenside Fried Liver

  • #161

    then Rxa2 and the position is a draw

  • #162

    I see where you're going, how would you continue if dxc5?

  • #163

    You're wrong but this crap doesnt matter anyways because noone would ever be in this position, we are talking 21 moves deep, that has to do with skill, not the opening. In conclusion, this arguement doesnt matter because a skilled player who had that position from the qsfl would have won easily. You are dumb.

  • #164
    whatupyodog wrote:

    Also, shepi after ra8 rc1 saves passed pawn and white can easily promote you dummy.

    Whatupyodog: There are multiple ways that white can win a pawn after Rc1, and you are obviously not very good. Any player with half a knowledge of chess endings should know that rook endings with a 1 pawn imbalance are usually drawn. Even if it is a win it is extremely difficult for white to win this position you dummy. And you obviously can't calculate either - On Rc1 Bb2 Rc2 Rxa2 Bc1 attempting to pin Ra1 and black actually wins. On Rc1 Bb2 Rc2 Rxa2 Bd4 Ra1 Black wins as well. So I don't understand your dumb and insulting way of thinking.

  • #165
    The_Gavinator wrote:

    nacht, white playing 6 Nc3 is a dummy move. He would play Na3, however a good white player wouldn't put himself in that position anyways.

    So what would this "good white player" play instead?

  • #166
    whatupyodog wrote:

    Nachtwolf, you are obviously not very good, after na6 no white player who isnt absolute garbage would play nf3, and after a move such as e3 instead, whites position is superior. So, this opening remains unrefuted.

  • #167

    Another reasonable response:

  • #168

    whatupyodog, calling people dumb just because they dissagree with you is not a sign of intelligence, and may be the reason why extraterrestrials avoid this planet. Back to Earth only matters, it was a possible, not probbable middle game, but Black successfully beat back the white attempts at a fork, gained better development, and castled to safety while white floundered about in the hopes of cripling black with the Moronic threat of an early fork that is supposedly undefendable. in addition you have failed to provide a continuation that apears winning for white at the end of the opening, and you have also failed to provide a deviation, so I would not be calling anyone dumb until you provide those and they have been analysed by more than just you.

  • #169

    jetfighter, you pulling a 20 move midgame out of your butt doesn't refute this opening. We never said the fork is undefendable, but the point is black's position suffers whilst defending the fork. The midgame you provided is irrelevant, and has nothing to do with the opening.

  • #170

    Nachtwulf, 4. b4  ,   still unrefuted. Also jetfighter, i am completely disregarding you, you make no point and just played against yourself to try to bash this opening.

  • #171

    nachtwulf, here you go

  • #172

    Nxd3 followed by e6, Bd6 (or Be7 or Bb4), and castles, and black has at least equalized The_Gavinator, which is not what white is looking for out of the opening.

  • #173

    And I would almost always meet Bf4 with c5 anyways.

  • #174
    whatupyodog wrote:

    Nachtwulf, 4. b4  ,   still unrefuted. Also jetfighter, i am completely disregarding you, you make no point and just played against yourself to try to bash this opening.

    Although it may seem that I can pull lines out of thin air and make some nonsense up, some of these ideas were actually taken from the practitioners of this opening Wink (or rather, the opponents' thereof). I merely spent a little time tweaking the moves of both sides, and was actually ran the results through an engine as well.

    P.S. 4. b4 is met by 4. ...cxd4 5. Qxd4 Nc6.

    Edit: My bad, I thought the latter comment was directed at me.

  • #175

    after 3..c5 black plays 4 b4

  • #176
    The_Gavinator wrote:

    after 3..c5 black plays 4 b4

    You know, that anyone could possibly think that is good makes me laugh. Black has easy equality or advantage. cxb4 wins a pawn. cxd4 Qxd4 Nc6 gains tempo. And c4 gets a protected passed pawn. Every possible move is good for black. lol.

  • #177

    To elaborate on why white isn't "just fine",

  • #178

    But Nachtwulf, white has Ke2 and Kd2 lol.

  • #179

    Qb6 Ne2 might be whites only hope. Qxb2 Rb1 or Qa6 Nc1 will follow.

  • #180

    Shepi, you are garbage, shut up you have no reason for what you say. Nacht, white doesnt do qxd4, he does nb5.


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