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The Yereslov Variation

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    Firepower8 wrote:

    oh this, yeah white has an edge.

    How does white have an edge?

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    +1 like ^

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    Firepower8 wrote:

    dear god, yereslov's "opening" starts with a 'P', hmmmmmm

    In before the lock.

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    I'm confused... Was the point of b6 to build a pawn pyramid or something?

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    AcivilizedGentleman wrote:

    Yere is now 80 W/ 249 L / 9 D) in standard games. Respect his strong record.

    It's pretty sad when you're less likeable than gavinator.

    strong record?!



    well, when inventing an opening you gotta



    Make sure both players are doing their best,



    and also make sure white has an edge.Yereslov (pereslov) said himself

    'how does white have an edge,










    make sure no one else is using it.

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    pellik wrote:

    Also you have to be prominent enough yourself that the people who decide these things in the chess world will see your games. Declaring things on the chess.com forums doesn't mean squat in the chess world.

    Cry It would be nice though would it, if it did happen, I mean not with yereslov though. 

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    The opening is perfectly fine. 

    Where the hell is the refutation?

    It's not very different from the typical 3.c4.

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    3. c4?  What?  do you mean c5?

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    Firepower8 wrote:

    i am going to use yereslov logic, b6 is a pointless move, i have proved it is pointless, *waiting for spanking by firepower, estragon, pfren, birdbrain, joeydvivre...etc

    to be honest)) i think the line 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 b6 4.c3 Qd7 5.a4 a5 6.Nf3 Ne7 7.Na3 Ba6 8.Bxa6 Nxa6 9. O-O gives white a pleasant position, but white may have even better with 4. Bb5+!?


    Why would anyone spank you?  Have you been a naughty lad?  Surprised


    But you are right, I wouldn't say 3 ...b6 is pointless at all.  It sets up potential development of the problem Bc8, and also prepares to answer any eventual d4xc5 with ...b6xc5 with an active central pawn majority.

    It's not as on point as is 3 ...c5, which must be played at some point in this pawn structure, and is also more committal.  But the nature of the pawn chain is its effect of putting an obstacle in the center, like in bumper pool, forcing the action to work around it.  So d4 isn't going anywhere, and delaying the thematic ...c5 by a move or so isn't going to change things very much as long as White can't actually prevent it. 

    In such a closed position it is difficult to punish a slow move.  White hasn't anything tangible after 5 c3 Nc6  6 Bd3 Nge7, and 5 Bd3 Nc6 will likely transpose.  And the suggested 4 Bb5!? above only leads to ...c6  5 Bd3 (5 Ba4 Ba6 and Black has no worries) c5 and the same thing.

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    4.Nf3 is probably the most accurate move (hoping for 4...Ba6?! 5.Bxa6 Nxa6 6.c4!) - white will then answer 4...c5 with 5.c3, and 4...Qd7 with 5.c4!

    Neil McDonald advocated 3...b6 in an elementary French book a few years ago (he did not credit the idea to Yereslov, though).

    Personally I don't like the idea- Black's most interesting way to exchange the c8 bishop early on may well be 3...Bd7 4.Nf3 a6!?

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    pellik wrote:

    Wow, I just won't bring myself to believe that nobody's ever thought of playing b6 in the french advance before. 

    Oh wait, this exact move order is already in my database. Somebody already invented it back in the 80s. It wasn't very good then, either.

    Arthur Yusupov has several victories to his credit with the 7...b6 line, so your estimation of this opening is wrong.  It is actually very good, and there no evidence to show that either side is better.

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    I actually saw this before. At first I thought there was a point until I realized that Ba6 never works. It is not new, you can't even claim the 5...Ba6?? variation.

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    aggressivesociopath wrote:

    I actually saw this before. At first I thought there was a point until I realized that Ba6 never works. It is not new, you can't even claim the 5...Ba6?? variation.

    5...Ba6 isn't even a consideration, so I don't see why you are surprised. The normal developing move in this position is 5...Nc6 followed by 6...Ne7, which aims for either g6 or f5.

    This position is similar to what Yusupov plays, except it is accelerated. 

    Read what Pfren posted. He already mentioned how 4...Ba6?? is a disaster.

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    I invented that move long before chess was invented.

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    Id much rather have something like the damiano variation named after me than this.

    It's that bad.

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    Jion_Wansu: that is the Owen defense, eco B00. Thanks for pointing out that this position is a transposition from the French to that defense.

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