Traxler: Don't even think of playing Ke2!!!

EndgameStudier έγραψε:

Did I not mention how I CONSISTENTLY beat the Sicilian tournaments with Bc4! Openings are not the only thing that determine the game but these "IMs" do not bother to study the endgame.

Please don't give up, keep on trying.

I am sure you will come up with something remotely smart after a couple of months.


I already debunked your stupid analysis a couple months ago, so much for an IM..sure you just got to that cause of a few lucky blunders.




Let's see if you have anything better to offer.


What the hell...

Pfren gave a game won by black, where he pointed out how to improve for white.

U agreed with moves given by an engine (meaningless), which "confirmed" white was right to resign.

So what did u offer?

Just ridiculous comments and bad faith.

Go ahead, try to move forward and to present something useful, thanks.


For the last time, he said white was winning, and he insisted that this opening was a win for white in other variations which it isn't. Lets see if he pays me 50 bux to unblock him..


Another point everyone keeps missing is that this thread only applies to AFTER BxF2, Ke2. The other guy kept babbling about how d4 is better and how BxF7 is better, but that had nothing to do with the actual bishop saccing on F2, which were what my analyses were about only.