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What opening do you pwn with?

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    I mainly want to start this forum topic for the following agendas 1) What opening has been used the most for you (for novices, inter., adv., GM), 2) Which opening has given you the most success, and 3) Which opening, I don't know, gives nothing but bad news for you?

    This forum is mainly for me to analyze to see where chess players are at concerning chess openings. After all, statistics do have some validity, right? Your contribution would be very helpful.

    As for me, 1) the classical ruy lopez has been used the most by me because that really is all I know, 2) As a result, the ruy lopez has given me the most success, 3) and although I use the ruy lopez quite a lot, I have tried the Caro Kann quite a lot, but it gives me nothing but bad news because black is always behind in development.

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    French defence (e4 e6) works well for me as black but playing lines that involve e4 e5 isn't really to my taste

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    1. Ruy-Caro-Sicilian-Scotch queen-Indian-gambit-defence. I play everything (what is sensible).

    2. No idea. Probably Ruy and Sicilian.

    3. Parham xD (1.e4 e5 2.Qh5). Maybe Damiano too (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6).

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    1. The Polish Opening, English Opening, Ruy Lopez

    2. The Polish 

    3. King's Gambit definitely (as black)

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    Evans Gambit

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    King's Gambit, Vienna Gambit, Icelandic Gambit, Scandinavian Gambit


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