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white castles first...and loses?

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    Is it just me, or does it seem that if White castles first, he/she usually loses? I know Black has a tendency to castle first because he/she is usually playing defensively.

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    It's just you.

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    Sorry to break it to you but it's just you!

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    Really really.

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    This is a game I played with my Dad and I won when I castled first.

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    The opening resembles the game of the day for today.

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    Really? Cool! My Dad taught me that opening so we always play the same thing at the beginning of all our games.

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    All's well Ethan. You're not alone.

    If i castle i tend to lose more often than not, whether i'm playing white or black.

    Come to think of it, even if i don't castle i tend to lose more often than not :)

    So i'm no help in answering your question. Waste of your time in you reading this really... sorry :)

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    Is it possible you're getting overly defensive and dancing around on your side of the board in trying to castle? That always sucks.

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