How do I start a chess club?


Any ideas for starting a chess club??


Eventually you're probably going to need to print some flyers and so forth, but for the moment I'd try to find some like minded chess players.  Must be a few cafes, or coffee shops that you could take a chess book and chess set to.  Just set up and work through a few positions; usually draws any chess players in the vicinity over.  See if you can get them interested in a club.  Don't know if there any colleges or universities nearby but you might try the student union as well.  And of course the public library, although here in the states our libraries have become de facto day shelter for the homeless.  Any way things are easier with a mate or 2 to help.  sometimes a restaurant, cafe, or even a pub doesn't mind a club meeting on an off night as long as everyone buys something.  Good luck.


Thanks, we have already found a place and people, I was more looking for things to do at meetings, but thank you all the same.