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Question about salary

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    When I clicked your "link", It says that it does not link !?

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    Naturally, it should be equivalent to services rendered. As an amateur player, I would place this value on the lower end of the spectrum, at what we call in the states an 'entry level' position. In the future, as you are still youthful, your skills will increase in accordance to your effort. As this happens, your pay grade should also increase. If you are lucky enough to hit a nationally recognized Mastard standard, then you would be of 'professional' status, and would command an income equivalent to that level. One thing I would look for in chess is to develop your own unique approach to teaching. What dynamic way can you breathe life into your lessons? How you teach is just as important as what you are teaching.

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    I think your question is coming from your fare and inquizitive mind.  I've had much experince in this area as a coach/instructor and their are two very important concepts to consider.  1st how much  passion will you be bring to the table and what do you think you would be comfortable with salary wise!  Do not sell yourself short, but remember that, "you should enjoy the journey"!

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    i think u should say like 10-20$ per hr cuz ur rating is less than 1850 (which is pro.) they will ask for 30-70$ per hr

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    Hi, I am applying to a job as a chess coach.CoolInnocent

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    I'm an 1878 currently but was 1960 until i had a dry spell of play. I teach chess and i only charge $10/hr

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    I charge $25 an hour. I get a higher rate when I work with groups in schools.
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    $40 an hour.

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    I would suggest you to ask 50 dollars an hour.

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    I am 1783 rated on chess .com bullet . Can I start online Chess coaching?

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    I dont think the rating matters very much, or at all. Like anything else, it all depends on the area and the market. I helped teach an after school chess class and very soon ended up teaching it and the teacher helped me. Together we made a pretty good team. That lasted about 6 weeks. After that one of the students parents asked if I would coach their son for $20 an hour. I politely declined but understand their situation. There just aren't very many people willing to teach chess because there aren't many people willing to learn it. My advice would be double minimum wage.

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    bcguy asked this question in 2009. Most likely the interviewer got tired of waiting for an answer, and bcguy didn't get the job.😟


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    PunitChessAssam wrote:

    I am 1783 rated on chess .com bullet . Can I start online Chess coaching?

    Sure you can :-)


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    How many days of vacation can I take?


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