Racine, WI. area

Does anyone know of a chess club in the area of Racine, WI? Does anyone know where Racine, WI. is?

I know where Racine is as I have traveled there a few years ago. Racine is a beautiful city, yet many do not know about it. However, I do not live in Wisconsin - and I surely know nothing of "local", such as chess clubs. 

Perhaps you could simply type this question, or similar wording, into Google to see what comes up. It is possible that you may find out where a chess club near you is. If this turns up little you could always try walking into a school, or senior center, or even a library, and ask around to people: who knows? You may find out something regarding chess near you. Sometimes fairly simple attempts, such as simply asking around, leads to knowledge; what can you lose?

Good luck searching happy.png

It’s not in Racine, but you’d be welcome at the Southwest Chess Club in Hales Corners.

I’m not sure if the Racine club is still active.

My parents grew up in Racine, WI. I had the pleasure of visiting it while my grandparents were still alive for a family reunion. It was very beautiful and cold. I have the fond memories of that visit.


the question is, do you pronounce Racine, RAH-SEEN? or RAY-SEEN??? That is the question!!


the question is, do you pronounce Racine, RAH-SEEN? or RAY-SEEN??? That is the question!!

Like I stated above, I have been to Racine WI. I have always heard it pronounced Rah-seen. Maybe it is like "potato" where people pronounce it differently?


Yea that was for the OP.  But people from Racine say it as RAY-SEEN.  How do you pronounce potato?  


I've heard Racine as RAH-SEEN too. "Potato" is one of those words commonly fought over pronouncing (oddly enough "tomato" is too). 

I don't know if this is serious or not: but I personally pronounce it as follows:

Potato: Poe-tay-toe but many claim that Poe-tah-toe is correct. 

Tomato: I say Toe-may-toe, but others say Toe-ma-toe

Often times "Americans" pronounce it as I do and "English" people pronounce the latter option, but both are considered acceptable pronunciations. This fact, doesn't take away the fighting over which is "right" though - and trivial arguments over this topic are punchline skits in many comedies.

How does everyone else say "potato" or "tomato"?


nullPotoato and tomato are jokes bro.  Hahahahahahah 


XD I kind of thought so - which is why I asked if "this is serious or not." As forementioned, "...trivial arguments over this topic are punchline skits in many comedies."

Looks like you found a gif over such an instance; just don't ask how to pronounce "gif" - we both know it is the same story as "potato."


Hahahaha gif.  Like jiffy.  GIF.   Lol.  


I think the Racine Chess a club is dead. Looks like if it was alive it’s be populated with boomers anyway so why bother. I’m going to start a new one. Keep a look out #raytownchessplayerz