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chessbrah GM's (hansen & van kampen)

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    Hi guys,

    I recently made a new youtube channel. Myself(Eric Hansen) and fellow GM Robin van Kampen record and stream videos of us being ourselves playing chess. 

    Trash talk, music, girls, time odds, commentary, and random glimpses into the life of two single, professional chess players. Definitely not a stereotypical chess channel.

    For some of you, I hope this may be appealing! 

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    Very nice to have more (let's put it this way) "intelligence" on YouTube.

    Congrats and best of luck

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    i thought u madeone like a yearago?

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    Great channel-I particularly liked the Shamkir preditions videos. 

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    updating daily with video blogs from Montevideo!

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    no. should i?

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    Vids are great.. keep it up!


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    keep doing battle of burger bay kinda stuff

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    Quick question: what do I type into the chess.com chat to play time odds against a friend?

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    Do I type that by itself or as part of a command? I tried entering it by itself, but it posted as a comment. I also tried it with the backslash, but it was an invalid command.

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     wow.. so this is how it began

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    More vlogs Eric! You need more vlogs buddy!

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