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why people change queens

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    I know that OP has high rating. But I don't agree with him that trading queens will kill the game. Contrary, it makes the game more exciting. We will see the skill of players without queens. I think those who play with the queen on board have to improve their skill. Can they checkmate without it?

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    There are many tactics combination can be implement if you have queen on the board, that why probably player who is not to sure about his tactical abilities exchange early. I prefer both, with queen or not. If white, im sure i want queen as long as possible because i like to attack then to defence. 

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    It takes away the potential of being checkmated by some degrees.

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    jovanu wrote:

    let´s talk about this guys,  many people here in chess.com are tryin all the time in game  change queens,  in my humble opinion this kill the game .   The reason why i play chess is because of the queen,  is the only piece you can move all places in one move. This annoys me deeply  , this catenaccio style should be punished.  We are here to have fun , enjoy the game,  we gonna have time to play a rook ending, but don´t change me the queen in move 15, please.

    ¿ what do you zink?


    We change queens because we are good at endgame!

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    Sometimes the Best decision is to Trade queens for example when you have an endgame advantage.

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    I do not aim to trade queens. Mostly i try to have more than one. It is called promotion, so it must be good :-)

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    Having more than one queen at a time is complicated. And sometimes they don't like each other.

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    It's part of the game. Exchange pieces of equal or better is justified and acceptable.


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