A chess variant unlike the rest. One that needs great planning to win.


I decided to try my hand at a game of similar complexity. But I did not think the holes in the board really add much, so I used a conventional 14x14 board, and packed the 56 pieces in the first 4 ranks:

The pieces are mostly orthodox or commonly used fairy pieces, such as the RN and BN compounds, the Elephant, the Omega Chess Champion, the Xiangqi Cannon and its diagonal counterpart, Camel and Zebra ((3,1) and (3,2) leapers), the Crowned Rook and Bishop from Shogi. I also added two bent sliders (Griffon and Rhino), which make one step and then turn a 45-degree corner to slide further.

I did include some special features to shorten the average game length, as games of this size easily get tedious and boring after the strongest pieces get traded. One of these is 'flying pieces': the Eagle, Raven and Bat are a Queen, Rook and Bishop that can jump over arbitrary many pieces for capturing. That means checkmates (especially smothered mates) are possible even while the King is still shielded by several ranks of normal pieces, so that you don't have to trade away 80% of the pieces first. The flying pieces cannot fly over each other, or over an Archer, though, so these can give the King some shielding.

Then there is a super-strong piece (the Terror, depicted here as dragon), which is subject to an anti-trading rule (they cannot capture each other when protected), and is able to destroy protected pieces with a hit-and-run capture. When the players eleminate each other's slow pieces with the Terror, these slow pieces do not have to cross the board to be traded for each other. Which is also a time saver.

A nice touch is that there are some enhanced Pawns in the wings of the 2nd rank, which can be used as a conventional King shield after castling; the ordinary Pawns start too much forward to provide any protection for the King. A double wall of Pawns as shelter is no luxery in the presence of Cannons, which would jump over a single wall.


This is pretty complicated,well,but there must be a great game. So many pieces

how to the circle things work


I know you put a lot of effort into this, and im sorry to disapoint but your likely never going to find anyone else to play this with. its just so complicated. It looks interesting and good but I know I will never learn the pieces nor find anyone to play this with, or anywhere I could play this with.they are easy to learn bcuz I learned them" isnt a valid argument, because you created it. Of course you know how to play. I once created a game that I tought was easy but my friends played it and they didnt understand even after my detailed explanations. You can refine this variation as much as you wish, but due to its nature and due to human nature chances of it actually working are low. Big boards and complicated games in general look cool, but if the majority of people cant understand/learn how to play, you wont succeed.


@RockstarFreddy69 With due respect, please speak for yourself.

Developed and meaningful large variants may not attract hundreds upon hundreds of curious players, but there is an audience for it. You just have to look for specific people who are interested.

Considering that there are 7.8 billion people in this world, and more than 1/80th of them are chess players of all different levels and ages, I'd say there is a good chance that some thousands of people sprinkled in amoung them would take good ole veteran HGMuller on here. happy

(from the best of my logical deductions, of course)

If you're not simply Erick Mas (@Ace569er) pretending to be a person who disagrees with you; in frail attempts to cover up your sock-puppet activities here.


Me and myself: I haven't much time or energy to devote myself to my past chess endeavors. I have this series of unposted variants that I have yet to perfect and complete. Haven't been doing it. I've been focusing on getting into musical grad school recently. heh


bro invented chess 56




that looks like it would be really hard to play and get good at and learn.



I wonder how many finger-puppets @Ace569er has.

Dead threads on variants (that most people would frankly care very little about; due to too many pieces that are/seem very randomly and nonsensically assembled) do not get revived this many times this often in the span of two or three years; just to say that "it's interesting" or that "it's hard to learn" in the same manner.

(My own long-dead threads on my past variant inventions did not get revived at all; like Magician's Deathmatch, and Alpha-Omega, see?)

Seriously, dude. When are you going to just give it up?


BattleChessGN18 says that people should have better things to do than respond on these threads, but they themselves have taken the time to respond to just about every single person who has typed anything to do with them or what they are arguing about.

I wonder if I'll get responded to.

Normanray15 wrote:

BattleChessGN18 says that people should have better things to do than respond on these threads, but they themselves have taken the time to respond to just about every single person who has typed anything to do with them or what they are arguing about.

I wonder if I'll get responded to.

How else do you want me to put it: you were obviously looking for my response. And so, you shall receive it.


You're absolutely wrong. I'm not "expecting" people to have better things to do; just that thread author Erick M. (@Ace569er) individually and personally to eventually learn that his reviving his thread, by use of multiple screen names pretending to be different people, will not promote a variant that has never gained any substantial interest by much of anyone.

He invents fickle "BIG VARIANTS" on the spur of the moment, generally without giving much thought to development, hoping to get people to talk about it.

And, what logicality does exist in the creation of his games tends to be superficial and, again, fickle thoughts concocted in the flighty minute; with holes that are easy to recognize at first-sight. Really, no one cares to remember the 'playground' rules that he makes up, just to have lotsa rules in his games.

I have yet to learn of a single one of his game having been played by anyone (other than me and one or two testrunners in his circle; of whom had never finished their match with him).

Anyone who disagrees with him, he tends to write long walls enamored with insults and diatribes on the person.

Rather than being thoughtful and insightful, his threads on chess variants merely create clutter, and many to most who had dealt with him in the past would much rather not continue to do so.


still pretty funny though.


Nah, Bubba. I don't particularly find Ace569er's infantile behavior all that funny. Merely infantile.


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