Martin0 vs the world - Event Chess Game #4


This is an event chess game with the world (white) against @Martin0 (black). This is the fourth game and the score is even 1.5 - 1.5 (Previous games: 1, 2, 3).

Anyone can join the world team and participate in the discussion here:



Event chess starts like a normal chess game with 2 additional rules:

  1. Each player may once/game start an event during his turn before making a move (Just say "start event").
  2. A player may not capture more than 2 pieces that are not pawns before starting an event (This is to make sure both players need to start an event).

Note that each player starting one event means a game will become a combination of 2 events.


When an event starts it will be chosen randomly from over 100 events and consists of some sort of rule changes to the game. More about event chess can be read here.


Special game rules:

There will be 2 forums for this game. In this forum I will post the rules, the moves will be made and people can ask rule questions to me. The second forum will be used for everyone else to discuss the ongoing game. I will not look at the discussion forum while the game is in progress. When the world have agreed to a move, then @rychessmaster1 will submit the move in this forum. I will not accept submitted moves by other players, unless ry has explicitly stated that member can submit moves in his place.

Time control for me is 3 days/move.

Time control for the world is 4 days/move. 3 days are meant for deciding the move, while the last day is for submitting the move. If there is a disagreement, the move with the most votes should get played.

If I do not make a move within 3 days anyone can call a timeout warning to me and if I don't make a move within 24 hours, I will lose on time.

If the world does not make a move within 4 days I can call a timeout warning. If ry does not make a move within 24 hours, then I will win on time.

I have 14 days of vacation time that I can use.

The world does not get any vacation time (if ry goes on vacation, he should tell someone else to submit moves instead).


Good luck!


ok thanks


I wouldn't want to put it as a hard rule, it's just polite for us to do considering the last game. There should be no obligation. Besides, an "immediate win" is subjective. And I don't think Martin should be so kind, if we get unlucky again then so be it.


I agree with tug, there should be no hard rule.


Just making sure, the world made the move 1.d4, correct? (@rychessmaster1's post was deleted)

Assuming the move was d4 I play 1...Nf6


Yeah I played d4








GradyW15925267 wrote:


What he said








Start event


Event #4 5-check

If a player performs 5 checks that player wins the game. Checks made before this event start does not count. It is not allowed to leave yourself in check to win this way.

Example 1:

If the event started here, then blacks last move that checked white does not count towards the 5 checks he can perform to win.

Example 2:

Here black plays Bxc3+. Since it is a check, black needs 4 more checks to win.

Example 3:

White plays Rb1+. It is the 5th check white makes after the event started. White wins the game.

Example 4:

White has checked black 4 times after the event started. Black just made his first check. White is not allowed to play Rh8+ to try to win by checking 5 times, since he needs to get out of check. Game continues Rd1 Rxd1#. Black wins by checkmate.


I remember this one









Hi Martin,

"If I do not make a move within 3 days anyone can call a timeout warning to me and if I don't make a move within 24 hours, I will lose on time."

I'm sure you're almost ready, but since I see ry's last post showing 3 days ago, and I'm someone who doubles at times as an "anyone," please accept this post as a "timeout warning."

Bob   happy.png