30x30 Bulldog Chess Game with All Pieces! (thegreatauk vs. rychessmaster1)


This thread will be the 30x30 bulldog game for auk & ry!




I can add any piece I have available in the huge game. Do you guys want to include ALL of those? And what others might you want me to work on adding?


I would say all the pieces on here: https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/list-of-pieces-used-for-bulldog-and-infinite-chess but excluding the ball. Also The musketeer pieces would be nice and my piece the Grizzly Bear.


I can't find a picture of the peasant, could somebody link me to a game?

The Mouse png conflicts with the leopard.

The Cougar (for Cougar & Jaguar) png also conflicts with the leopard.

Do you care if I leave out the Lumberjack cause he's ugly?

... What about trees?


Yes OK. We can leave out cougar and jaguar. and you can leave out cat and mouse too.


😂😂 No seriously, can we leave out the lumberjack I don't want to put that picture in my program 😬

Will we be playing with the tree?

  • Tree  (Tr)

    nullInvented by: @Evert823

    The Tree can move one step orthogonally, cannot capture, and can be captured. Having your Tree captured is of no further consequence.
    It's mandatory, always at the end of your turn, to have your Tree orthogonally adjacent to at least one friendly piece. So any move that does not result into this circumstance counts as 
    A player who has no Tree does not have this obligation. A piece can give check despite being hampered by this obligation!

    (For further convenience, we will call a Tree without any orthogonally adjacent friendly piece an abandoned Tree. Moving your piece orthogonally adjacent to your abandoned Tree - or vice 
    versa - will be referred to as reconnecting to your Tree.)

    All other rules of Chess apply, including rules regarding check, mate and stalemate.
    Exception: If a player is not in check, and has an abandoned Tree, and has no legal move to reconnect to his/her Tree, then it is not stalemate, but that player loses.


Yes we will play with tree.


My opinion is no, it would make this more complex, are you gonna focus on isolating the tree or checkmating the king?


OK, no tree then.


Ok I got the Bulldog & Werewolf in now. For mages I'll just do highlighted guards. So now all I needs to do is Archer, Peasant, Wild Goat & Rock!

EDIT: Also Grizzly Bear


It think can leave the archer out as it's a far to complicated piece.


I would like that happy.png Won't have to keep track of all the arrows.




Im gonna be watching dis 




I'm ready to start. You can be white, we just need the board.

Everyone is going to be watching this.

Ok, all rank 1 & rank 2 are filled, randomizing the placements...


OK! Here is board!null

Crippled Amazons are highlighted. So are mages.


Can we change up the rules of the harpy this game? Instead of capturing and then being forced to drop the piece 2 moves later. How about they make their entire grabbing and dropping sequence in 1 move, similar to how the "Eagles" event works: They grab the piece while traveling to their destination, then they have to drop it before they stop. And they can only carry pawns 2 tiles at a time. And they fly low so they can't flow over any pieces. Any objections?


ry, do you still want to do (14,5)?