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Chess on an Infinite Plane - Team competition!

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    Would anyone like to join into one of two teams, and play a large chess variant? I'll setup a gameboard "Chess on an Infinite Plane" such as below (or maybe a version with more pieces).
    Then team "white" plays team "black". Proposed rules:
    1) Play is by correspondence, 1.5 - 4 days per move.
    2) Each side has a leader. He/she declares their side's move.
    3) Each side is allowed do discuss as much or as little as they want before making move. Discussion can be public (on the thread) or in private.
    4) A team can have any number of members, and members can join or quit anytime. Once someone provides help to one side, they are listed on that team and can't help the other.
    5) If one side gets behind, members lose interest, and a move not declared (after a warning) within the 4 day limit - they lose by forfeit.
    I'll volunteer to be team leader for black, and I'll post the chess diagram update after each black's move.
    As a background to this type of play, read Wikipedia's article Kasparov versus the World. It includes:
    "Garry Kasparov faced the rest of the world in consultation...Over 50,000 people from more than 75 countries participated in the game...After 62 moves played over four months, Kasparov won the game. ...The game produced a mixture of deep tactical and strategic ideas, and although Kasparov won, he admitted that he had never expended as much effort on any other game in his life. He later said, 'It is the greatest game in the history of chess. The sheer number of ideas, the complexity, and the contribution it has made to chess make it the most important game ever played.'"
    To see rules and sample game (2 players) for Chess on an Infinite Plane see here. If anyone wants to join, please leave a note. We can start as soon as someone wants to be lead for white. happy.png
    White - leader: open
    Team members: open
    Black - leader: vickalan
    Team members: open
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    We can change the hawks to knights. Someone also sent me a PM, and has ideas for other interesting pieces (one is a warlock, which moves one square diagonally, then continues as a rook leaping every other square!). It's a good idea, but not sure if this is theoretical, or for a real game (2 players), or will be part of a team.

    I'm also reading more about the Kasporov vs. world game. The first moves were this:

    1. e4 c5
    2. Nf3 d6
    3. Bb5+
    Apparently, Kasporov apologized for playing Bb5+ which I don't understand. Why would anyone have to apologize for playing any chess move, especially if it leads to a win?
    Back to this team match - still need a few players, even if only part-time, and one player to "lead" for white.
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    mayapiri wrote:
    I might want to play, but not be a leader. The hawk sometimes has different rules, so maybe replace it with a knight. Standard pieces are better if game is open to passers-by. Guardian and Chancellor are standard enough.
    Btw the world game with Kasparov included this:
    50. h8=Q d1=Q (tie in getting promoted pawn!)
    The world team was using computer help (maybe Kasparov also but not sure). Computer was not perfect, and now we know the world team had a chance to draw, but missed it, and lost. Oh well



    I'd like to participate. Being a team leader is a responsability. The team leader has to suggest a few moves, but most importantly he will decide which moves will be played especially when the participating team mates doesn't agree.


    I'm in and i'm not against Leading a team.


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    Hooray! We have a team competition:
    White - leader: Zied
    Team members: open
    Black - leader: vickalan
    Team members: open

    I think Mayapiri will play on one side, and anyone else can join at any time.
    This game will be low-speed (not fast playing) because most people only check messages once per day. We should require 1-½ days minimum between moves (normal move reply 2 days) so team communication is possible.
    Maximimum reply is 4 days I think. Does everyone agree?
    Zied and Mayapiri know the hawk (it's a Musketeer piece) so is it OK to use (starting setup above)? Or does anyone request different or stronger pieces?
    Mayapiri - what side are you on?
    Also: one more suggested rule - if new members join - they should join the side with fewer participating players.
    Please speak up with any last requests. Soon we will hear the first move by white!happy.png
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    May be use the Falcon and Griffon like in our other game of infinite plate.

    Mayapiri already mentioned that the Hawk can move in many different ways, that's why using the Falcon (a less common piece) should be OK for him.

    Griffon is a hell of a strong piece.

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    OK, this game also has the falcon and the griffon. I'll make a movement diagram tomorrow, but the pieces are this:

    Musketeer Falcon:  Bishop + Hawk
    Musketeer Griffin: Archbishop + Hawk (using dragon piece shape)
    White - leader: Zied
    Team members: open
    Black - leader: vickalan
    Team members: mayapira
    Board setup:
    nullWe just need a 4th person unless Zied wants to start with a one person team for now. Tomorrow I'll make a movement diagram for the special pieces, and then we can decide to start or not.
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    nullSo far I have never played on a larger chessboard than 16x16. Infinite Plane looks very interesting. Okay, I'm in the team of Zied happy.png

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    @mcgohan OMg
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    Great, we can begin. The only problem i see is the notation used. I suggest we combine the use of letters and numbers (with negative ones). For example: pawn in position (-2,1) should be in the square a1 (like classic chess), the last pawn of white near the rook should be at the square n1. The white guards in position d1 and k1. The squares beyond a and n should then use the notation system suggested using only numbers. So square at the left of a1 is square (-1,1) and the square at the right of n1 is (+1,1). This notation seems to me more clear. This will also help to see how far the game will go far from the central squares, which will give an idea if it's really interesting to play on an infinite plate. The trial is worth it.


    Thanks McGoohan for joining my team.

    We just have to wait till we agree on the notation used then we will start the game. We can exchange ideas by Personal messages or emails. Then we have to agree on the move to be played. if no agreement is reached the team captain chooses the move. Hope there will be more funs to join us.



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    McGoohan: That's awesome you are joining Zied's team (white)! This should be really fun and low pressure (because just one play every 2-4 days).
    I like the picture of you drinking beer and playing chess. You can drink as much beer as you want when you decide your moves.happy.png

    Zied: I like your idea about labeling files a - n. (use numbers only for files to the left and right). I'll label the board the new way and show it tomorrow.
    Also, I made a move diagram for the Falcon and Griffon. The hawk jumps 2 or 3 squares in the queen's directions. It is not in this game, but it is a component of other pieces:
    Falcon = (bishop + hawk)
    Griffin = (archbishop + hawk) = (bishop + knight + hawk)
    Both pieces are on this diagram:
    (Please make sure I explained everything correctly before we start). I think your team has good talent and will be formidable. But Mayapiri and I will work carefully and show you a good battle. Tomorrow I'll prepare the new board and the game begins.happy.png
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    White - leader: Zied, Team members: McGoohan
    Black - leader: Vickalan, Team members: Mayapira
    Here is the board updated with Zied's new method of notation. I think it helps a lot. Everyone please let me know if all the rules are clear, and board setup is OK. If so...
    Thus begins team warfare of some of the strongest chess pieces ever assembled on a battlefield without bounds.
    White to move...
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    This looks OK for me. I already got an email of my partner and we will decide together the first move to play.

    Thanks for all Vickalan.

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    Our first move: Falcon (n,-6) to (4,-2).

    Let the fire works begin !

    PS: this is a suggestion of McGoohan i agree with

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    Zied and McGoohan:
    The falcon is a bishop + hawk.
    The hawk can jump 2 or 3, but your move is a jump of 4.
    The bishop can move any distance, but it can't move across the pawn.
    So I think your move is illegal.
    (check picture below)
    Please tell me if I mis-understand something.
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    You are right. It's an illegal move. instead we play Falcon (+3,-3)

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    2. Gr f4, again suggested by McGoohan

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    Mayapiri sent me a move, but it's late for me now. I'll think about it for a day, and we'll send our move tomorrow. Here's the diagram after your move:



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    Does anyone know exactly why this happened?


    mayapiri Closed: Abuse

    This account has been closed for not following our Community Guidelines.

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    I'm with black
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    McGoohan, I think Mayapiri is back on the forum and I have his e-mail.
    Steelers1863, Welcome to team black, this is awesome!happy.png Five people are in the game now:

    White - leader: Zied,     Team members: McGoohan, (open to new players)
    Black - leader: Vickalan, Team members: Mayapiri, Steeler1863

    Steeler1863: after we hear white's next move please send your best move idea to me (by personal message). We'll decide best move based on ideas from you, mayapiri, and me. Moves have to be decided in 1.5 - 4 days.
    based on idea of Mayapiri and me, our move now is:

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