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Chess with Witch, Dwarf and Xiangqi Cannon thegreatauk - evert823

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    OK, I will do it, I was just thinking.

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    I don't get it, your Cannon can't go from e7 to d3

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    Sorry I meant cxd3 I just accidentally put a caps on the c.

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    That's illegal.  Check from Cannon 

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    Dear thegreatauk , gentle reminder that it's your move.

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    OK, I resign as it's checkmate next move.  Isn't the start position check though? Due to the cannons position. 

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    Thanks for playing! I just checked again and the starting position isn't already check. 

    Nevertheless the cannons might make it quite unbalanced.

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    I think they should start in the corners or where the knights are and Dwarfs next the the king.

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    In the starting position which we used, we should simply swap Cannon and Dwarf.

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    1.Wd3# is a bit of a problem in the starting position used. I have some doubts about how healthy the dynamic works for the cannon in chess since it works against a bit against how you typically keep your king safe behind pawns in front of the king. And the combination of a witch makes it even worse since it becomes so much easier to develop the cannons. I think the cannons are healthier in games where you do not start with pawns on the second rank, but rather at least the third rank (like third rank in shogi or fourth rank in xianqi). That makes it easier to put pieces dedicated to defend between your own pawn and the king. It's true that in chess you can still move a pawn forward and then put a piece like a bishop or knight behind the pawn to be safer, but I guess I am just not a fan of that dynamic, even if it probably is completely fine. Doing that (move a pawn foward and put a piece between the pawn and king) to defend a castled king against perpetual check is a bit bothersome as well.

    In Xiangqi you have 2 pieces that starts next to the king that are restricted to 5 squares near the king and dedicated to defend it, while being worth considerably less than a cannon, so the dynamics are completely different there.

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    Martin0 wrote:


    1.Wd3# is a bit of a problem in the starting position used.



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