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@HorribleTomato-@chadnilsen capture the flag

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    Can you show a diagram? As I showed, I can't.

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    premove Qxc7


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    Good game. My b5 pawn had the flag. In a few moves, you'd have everything but my bishop. (Which would be easy to trap.)

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    Great game by both players! I would give you both trophies but I don’t know how. :(
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    Hmm... I accidentally unfollowed this thread so I didn't see chad resign...

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    Oh, yeah. (Good game, again.)

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    By the way, my a-pawn was the flag happy.png

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    Clever, clever...at first I was going to ask if it was legal to put the flag on a pawn but that would give away that mine wasn't on a pawn.

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    Of course it may be on a pawn and you were simply double checking. The problem with pawns is that they're sitting ducks if they're actually threatened.

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    Yeah. Maybe it would have been good to keep the a-rook undeveloped so you could switch the flag.

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    Maybe, but I like to keep it on obscure pawns. Putting a flag on a rook would limit my endgame strength. 


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