Looking for Opponents/Games?


evertVB, I saw you already saw (and replied) at the new thread.happy.png



Who would like to try this?



Our team competition is currently 3 against 2. Team white needs another person. Go here if you want to help:

(Chess on an Infinite Plane Team Competition)


Does anyone wanna play Bulldog chess with witch (like the game here between friedmelon and foofooes)?

The winner of "vickalan vs {opponent}"

can play winner of "friedmelon and foofooes"

for the champ of a 4-way tournament.happy.png


Yes me


Ok great, we have a four-way tournament! The first game is already in progress. The bracket is below. I'll start a thread for our game soon (probably tomorrow).happy.png



I started a thread for our game (here).

I hope to usually play a move once a day, but might skip a day now and then.

After this tournament, I'll convert the contest to a challenge system. (Champions retain their title until they are defeated by a challenger).

The champion can choose the game (Bulldog, Bulldog Legacy, Bulldog chess with Witch). Challengers play as Black. If a champion does not play against a challenger, he loses his title.


Not sure if there should be rules for "the right to be a contender". Ideas welcome.happy.png


This tournament is bigger! Expanded bracket is below.


Game rules concerning castling are slightly revised starting with new game (HorusTheThird and Superman). Since a witch is transparent to friendly pieces, castling across the witch is allowed (other squares must be empty). This is based on idea from Evert a while ago, and comments during another game.


The thread for HorusTheThird - Superman is (here).

I want to

Ok, this tournament is full!happy.png Friedmelon (representing China) and Evert (representing Netherlands) have a lot of weight on their shoulders, with 4 other Americans in the tournament. (revised: Arjun is representing India, and Superman representing Mexico). The final bracket is below.


Here's some fun facts about the witch:

Evert made the Witch's rules for Bulldog (flies on a broom so is very mobile, can't capture, but uses her spells to enchant nearby pieces with transparency).

Chess engines don't have a witch, and chess opening theory knows nothing of a witch's spell.

There is a chess game in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - but its normal chess, no spells, no witches.


The game between Huanglz and Arjun316694 is (here).


No problem - that's awesome. I think this tournament is better when there's more countries represented. I changed the flag on the bracket above.happy.png


I am in this tournament, so i want to issue rules early, rather than waiting later when i can influence my own fate.


Tournament games (round 1):
game 1: Friedmelon - Foofooes (start: June 13, 2017)
game 2: Evert823 - Vickalan (start: June 27, 2017)
game 3: HorusTheThird - Superman0101 (start: July 5, 2017)
game 4: Arjun316694 - Huanglz (start: July 5, 2017)


Bulldog games are played on a 10x8 board, and usually have one or two different pieces compared to classical chess. Games do not aim to be wildly different simply to be exotic. Some consistency is desired so that concepts of strategy can be developed, without everything becoming obsolete with each new variation. But games are different enough so that new territory is explored, and play cannot be controlled or analyzed by engines or pre-stored in databases.


History of previous games (out-of-tournament):
evert823 vickalan Bulldog 24 moves. evert wins
evert823 vickalan Bulldog with Witch 32 moves. draw
vickalan evert823 Bulldog+angel+joker 60 moves. vickalan wins
knig22 vickalan Bulldog 104 moves. knig22 wins (mate in 4 at move 104)
vickalan knig22 Bulldog Legacy - (in-progress)


Calculated player scores [win lose draw (ratio) score]:
knig22: 1 0 0 (1/1) = 1.000 (one game in progress)
evert:  1 1 1 (1.5/3) = 0.500
vickalan:  1 2 1 (1.5/4) = 0.375 (one game in progress)

(if any mistakes or ommisions let me know)


After tournament (challenges to bulldog crown):

Players can challenge the champion with the following conditions:

a) They must have at least one "level 2" win. This means they have won at least one game against an opponent who also has a win.

b) If a player previously played the champion but lost, he can challenge the champion only if his score has improved since his last game against the champion.

c) If there are multiple qualifying contenders, only the player with the highest score can challenge the champion. If this player is idle (not in a game) and does not challenge the champion within 7 days, then the qualifying contender with the next highest score can challenge.

d) A tie in score is broken first by judging the scores of player's opponent, and then by the number of games won as Black.


a) All games played in tournament are "Bulldog with Witch" unless the players agree to a different game. Other games can be bulldog, bulldog legacy, and bulldog with angel. Others can be considered.

b) A champion normally plays White (unless he requests Black), and can choose the game to be played. A champion that does not accept a challenge and begins play within two-weeks forfeits the crown.

c) People with multiple usernames can play as independent players (games are a role-playing form of entertainment). But risk of having account closed by chess.com is player's concern - not tournament's concern.

d) Specific rules of correspondence-style play are (here).

Comments welcome.happy.png


Can I. Join


The tournament is full but other players can try to qualify to steal the crown from the champ later.

Does any new player want to play against smurfisme?

Also, if anyone in a game doesn't make a move within 3 days (after a warning) they are a "no-show" and lose by forfeit. So someone may become free this way. Check for updates, I bet there can be a game for you soon.happy.png


No problem with Superman representing Mexico. I update the flag in the bracket above. Five countries are now represented in this tournament.happy.png

Btw, is there anyone that wants to play against smurfisme? There's several people on this forum that haven't been seen in a variant game yet (Ebinola or game_designer)? It would be a side-game to qualify and challenge the champ later on.happy.png


Tournament update:

Game 1 (Friedmelon - foofooes)
Queens go face to face! The witch is dead!

Game 2 (evert823 - vickalan)
Witch helps queen to launch attack, Black is checked!


Game 3 (HorusTheThird - Superman)
In early development, armed peasants fight for control of center!


Game 4 (Arjun - Huanglz)
Peasants observe slaying of clergy!



(Note: please do not comment on games in a way that helps either opponent)

The battles rage on!!happy.png


Someone messaged me for clarification on the witch's moves, so I made this diagram. The witch can move like a queen (orange lines), and jump two squares in any direction or like a knight (orange dots). The witch cannot capture. The witch is transparent to friendly pieces, and she makes all adjacent pieces (inside yellow dotted line) transparent to friendly pieces, so for example the white rook can attack the knight.



Leave a comment if anything is not clear, or I missed some ability.happy.png

I would like to play if anyone is open.
I challenge vickalan to a bulldog angel joker game
I will play will-n