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    Btw, evert823 is the "creator" of the rules for the witch, which I believe was first used on these forums about a year ago. Here is an updated diagram, which helps clarify that a witch only helps her own army. From an earlier post, "The witch can move like a queen (orange lines), and jump two squares in any direction or like a knight (orange dots). The witch cannot capture. The witch is transparent to friendly pieces, and she makes all adjacent pieces (inside yellow dotted line) transparent to friendly pieces, so for example the white rook attacks the queen."


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    One more thing. If it was black to move, can the pawn capture the witch?

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    Sure. The Witch cannot capture pieces put any piece can capture the Witch.


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    Just one last thing: What does orthogonally mean?

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    Orthogonally means left or right, and up and down (the rook's moves).

    Good question about if it was black to move. Like evert said, the black pawn can capture the witch. So white would lose witch, white could then still capture queen, and black would have a pawn on e3, two squares from a promotion - possibly getting a queen again.happy.png

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    [COMMENT DELETED] (pc problems)sad.png

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    So the witch has the powers of knight and queen combined. Can it jump over other pieces like the knight while making queen-like moves?

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      @FortunaMajor, look at the picture at post #183. The orange dots are squares it can jump to, which is 2 square in any direction or as a knight move. If it moves like a queen (orange lines), then it can not jump. Also it can not capture with any of the movements.

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    Sweet. Witch sounds fun. Thanks for your help! It would be insane if two witches come close together!

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    Then the whole board melts into a black hole due to confusion over the rules. :)
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    Btw, is anyone open for infinite chess?
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    hitthepin wrote:
    Btw, is anyone open for infinite chess?

    I am in for a game depending on which pieces you have in mind

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    Just the normal one with the chancellors, guards, and hawks. My first two games are NOT going well.
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    And perhaps a Witch?

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    I don’t know any infinite games that include the witch. But I will play bulldog with witch with you if you want.
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    Gr8 I Will start one later in the eventing or Tomorrow

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