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Looking for Opponents/Games?

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    Wait we are playing bulldog with witch, right?

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    @JuneJunebug, if you are talking about our game, then I believe you have some options what bulldog variant you want. bulldog, bulldog legacy, bulldog with witch, or bulldog with angel.


    @HorusTheThird, thanks, I'm still looking for an opponent if anyone want to try my event chess variant.

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    let's play a simple bulldog with witch grin.png

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    HorusTheThird wrote:

    Does anyone want to play Waterloo?

    I'll play. Have you read the rules at IvanKosintsev's website? (link here):


    Also, I prefer a different graphic than what Ivan uses.

    So Ivan's rules, Ivan's piece names, but graphics as in (this game).

    Is this ok?

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    Martin0 wrote:


    @HorusTheThird, thanks, I'm still looking for an opponent if anyone want to try my event chess variant.

    If HorusTheThird doesn't play then I'll play.

    Will you play this and the game against Juny at the same time?

    Also, do we set up independent chess boards at home, or post a chess diagram in a topic thread?

    I believe all positions appear the same as normal chess, so a normal chess diagram can work, right?

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    Yeah a chess diagram should work. I can post a diagram after every move. There are some events that needs some improvisation with how to represent, but I have an idea how it should be done. Just let me deal with the technical stuff and it should work out. It is a case where showing how it is done is easiest. The only rules you need to know to play is:

    1. Each player may once/game start an event during his turn before making a move.

    2. A player may not capture more than 2 pieces that are not pawns before starting an event (This is to make sure both players need to start an event eventually and not too late).


    So you just need to say "start event" during your turn and we will see what happens. I will play this and against Juny at the same time. I can start the thread within a few days if that sounds ok.

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    @vickalan I can remember your graphics easier. I read the rules there, but I didn't find any mention of  how the "reserve" pieces on the side of the board work. They aren't detailed enough in IvanKosintsev's rules. What do they do?

    @Martin0 I won't be playing, just keeping track of hidden information.


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    HorusTheThird wrote:

    ...I didn't find any mention of  how the "reserve" pieces on the side of the board work. They aren't detailed enough in IvanKosintsev's rules. What do they do

    The reserve pieces are for promotions. For example, a pawn that reaches the 8th rank becomes a spy, and the spy is taken from the "reserve". This means promotions are limited by the reserve, so two pawns can promote to spy, and then this promotion isn't possible anymore.

    (this is slightly different than classical chess and bulldog, where there is no limit to promotions).

    Also, notice Waterloo has a few types of promotions - I better refresh myself with them, since I'm currently in one game in about the mid-game phase.happy.png

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    @HorusTheThird, that is fine, I appreciate your help. I just started an event chess game with vickalan and I will contact you if necessary.


    For those interested, here is the event chess game:



    And here is the bulldog game between me and @JunyJunebug fighting for the crown


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    vickalan wrote:
    Martin0 wrote:

    Anyone want to try my variant Event Chess with me? I have played the variant a lot otb, but never in a forum. Would be interesting to try it out.


    Event chess sounds interesting, although as a habit I've usually not had an interest in chess with random events (it changes chess from a game of perfect information to a game with chance).


    The concept of events could be introduced in such a way that no randomness is involved. Let's say, if White manages to get three pawns in a line on the 5th rank, event X will start and both players have complete knowledge of all the events and their consequences.

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    Indeed there are other ways to create a variant based on events. The way I have done it though it would not make much sense to do it that way since I have over 100 events that would take a lot of time to just read and I only want 2 events to start each game. I don't see the randomness as something negative, I see it as a feature and pretty much a guarantee that all games will be different.

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    Now that I started a game with Martin0, I came to realize that although events are selected randomly, the event may have little or no consequence related to helping one player or the other. Or at least any benefit may be almost impossible to detect, simply because it happens before the mid-game, where the complexity of chess is too severe to know who the event helps.

    So the "chance" in this game is much different than "chance" events as in poker (where players hope for good cards), or Monopoly (rolling dice to land on good properties to buy).

    I purposely called for an event early in the game to get the "variant" aspect started soon, and by the rules, Martin0 must call his event prior to capturing a 3rd (non-pawn) piece.

    So, basically, the "events" quickly convert the game from the much-studied game of classical chess, into the realm of "non-developed" end-game strategies.

    So far I like it.happy.png

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    The way vickalan describes my variant is exactly like it is designed to be. However there are cases when a variant is a clear benefit for a player. This is typically when an uneven trade has been made (like bishop for knight) and one of those pieces get modified or if there is an immediate tactic (such as a hanging piece). Those cases are relatively rare though and players should be aware of the risk their taking when exchanging pieces since some events really change the value of some pieces.


    One memorable case was when I got into trouble early and had to trade my queen for 2 knights. Then the knights received a pretty big buff and my opponent basically had no chance. I wouldn't really blame anyone if they thought I rigged the rules there since it was the perfect event for me in that situation (about 1% chance I should get it).


    The thing is that those cases tend to be rare and therefor (imo) ok. The first event I got with vickalan is quite safe in that it is quite unlikely to benefit either player much. Some other events are more risky, but in general they are designed to try to be fair for both players.

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    Does anyone want to play a game of Event Chess? 

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    I'll play you.

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    Nice happy.png

    I will provide the events once a random one is started. I see a forum has already been started:


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    I am hoping that someone wants to try this (which I mentioned earlier in the 'weird pieces' topic) in a game against me:

    Two pieces that move like a Knight, but when they are a Knight's move separated from each other they  tempoarily have all Queen's moves on top of that. I am trying OTB and it's awesome.

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    @evert823, I would be up for a game like that. Do you want to replace the knights for those pieces? And what other pieces do you want to use? I would like to try the joker which could add some interesting dynamics with that piece.

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    The Joker, as I understand, is the piece that moves like the one which the opponent moved last, correct? I will soon open a thread for our game and I'm happy to create and update the diagram.

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    ok, yeah that is the Joker. I look forward to our game happy.png


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