Tempest Chess


Basically realtime chess, this variant is a remake of kungfuchess which died out a couple years ago because the administrators dropped off the face of the earth. Instead of immediately moving to their destination, pieces move at a rate of one square/second so incoming attacks can be dodged. After you move a piece, there is a 10 second delay before you can move it again; meanwhile, you can move other pieces. The goal is to capture the enemy king but it's not as easy as it sounds. There is a whole new set of tactics in this twist on classical chess.


If you want to play RTS go try Warcraft III.



Streptomicin wrote:

If you want to play RTS go try Warcraft III.

KungFu Chess was a brilliant way to link classical chess players with the twitch players of the modern gaming world.  I don't think you should so easily dismiss it.


Note that while the "standard" version of KungFu Chess was rather "lightning fast" you could set different settings.  It would have been possible and probably more interesting to the Variant community at large to have moves take 2 seconds to move a square and 30 seconds to recharge, for example.


You can set different settings at any move/square interval and recharge timer, the games will just be unrated if they are not default settings. 10 seconds to recharge and 1 square/second is actually pretty slow though, there's a fast rated version with .1 squares/second and a 1 second recharge timer. Settings are completely customizable though and it offers standard, crazyhouse, bughouse, and fourway modes.

And streptomicin this game is not really comparable to WCIII, considering that you have a kid you should have better things to do with your time than trolling the chess.com variants forum. That's what this is for right, shedding some light on some less exposed variants?


This sounds awesome.  I'm gonna check out the website !