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chess960, waste of time?

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    do you think chess960 is a waste of time?

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     Chess 960 is not a waste of time, but there's a time and place for it.

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    No more or less a "waste of time" than "normal" chess is, even though I don't play 960. A lot of this depends on how you define a "waste of time" I guess.

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    thanks for all of your comments guys. that was a question that just came through my mind. so, i'll play chess960 if i have time, but i have a chess tournament coming up, so, i'll play whenever. :)

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    Chess960 is good to make you take a fresh look at the concepts of chess and apply them without any opening theory.  There are still some concepts, such as controlling the center, that apply, but they must still be approached carefully. 

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    FIREFLIES wrote:

    do you think chess960 is a wast of time?

     i completely agree. it is a waste of time, and should never be played

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    complete and utter waste of time!

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    Time is what you make it. 

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    For all the Go players out there...is chess a waste of time? 

    (We have to flip the scenario a bit) Don't want to be wasting precious time studying chess when you must perfect our Go skills!

    Chess is a game.  Don't let it consume you :-)

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    i think it's skill, and relaxing, in a way.

    so...anyone up for a game of chess960?

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    Is chess a waste of time?
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    Hey, where's the "any" key?
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    what "any" key?

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    no, i don't think chess is a wast of time. (:

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    I believe Chess960 is a great way to improve your positional understanding without the need of knowing any opening theory, although the resulting positions are unlikely to be encountered in a normal game.

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    FIREFLIES wrote:

    no, i don't think chess is a wast of time. (:

    Good :)

    The "any" key http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gugbMw4LigY

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    The only thing good that comes from chess is enjoyment. It is a game. Since 960 is also a game as long as you have fun it's certainly not a waste of time.
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    uh, ok. thanks. :3

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    Time is relative Wink

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