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# of blocked players

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    wow the contridictory statement you just made baffles the imagination. 

    I block people for being rude and wasting my time that I pay for. I am here for fun but people wasting my time and my definition of that is my choice. You dont expect to go to the movies to watch (fill in the blank) then suddenly have a Barney movie play on the screen do you?

    First you criticise me for not forgiving those that have 'wrong me' based on my own rules set then you do the same thing to me? One word for you,.. hypocricy.  

    My point with this post was to highlight that the free nature of this site allows a lot more  abusive players in than normal.  I never said that my rules were correct just wondered if others found abusive language here as frequently as I do and how they dealt with it. People that use socially unacceptable language are easy to see and address. At some point they will realize that society does not allow that behavior and decide to change or leave the social environment. The really dangerous people are those that use socially allowed language and mannerisms but try to preach to people how wrong they are on a more subconscious level. They attack people based on a selfdefined moral high ground so they can judge everyone else they see not to help them but to feel morally superior.

    Your achievements to become an Eagle scout are impressive but they are a very focused area of life and it is a big world out there.  You accuse others of being still in HS and judging their abilities at the old age of 20. your a child and your body and mind are still not fully matured. So before you start throwing around judgments you might want to look at the plank in your eye.

    To Ill be a bit more blunt for you. Your judgmental behavior is one that irks me more than anyone calling me ^#%@@ . 

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    I am not going to take the time to read a long post like that. My time is more valuable to me than that. 

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    Let's try to refrain from throwing personal insults at each other here.

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    I agree. I understand you are jealous of my achievements (i decided to read it anyway), but try to behave yourself.

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    I am going to stop tracking this thread, any further insults you attempt to sling at me will not be read, but please waste your time anyway to save face.

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    i wish there was a way to block people's chats in forums like this and in vote chess games

    so many people spam those.  it would be nice at the very least to be able to shrink dialogue boxes down

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    I agree MetalK. that would be a great feature. 

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    ya would be nice but leads to strange dialogue. 

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    In college, I was taught not to block any ideas presented otherwise you deprived yourself in improvement.  Negativity is a challenge, our task is to change it into positive.  A paradigm shift can is important for one to grow more as you age.  Blocking negatives takes away the opportunity for change to happen.  As you deal with it regularly, you become more wiser inside and out.

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    TonyH wrote:

    I was wondering how long other players  blocked players lists are?

    5 players and since one them got banned recently it is 4 now.

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    Blocking players of what they did seem ridiculous. Let them do their awkward thing but do things righteous. In the end they will just admit deep inside tham that they should change.  Do what is pure and right and help those doing folly realized that they are fooling themselves.

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    That is not being religious. It is more on principles that whatever you do you suffer or enjoy the circumstances of what you have done.  Sooner or later you will know.

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    Just 2, one of them is kiranphp, he must be some little 10 year old wise guy


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