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Amazing Video - This is a joke

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    you'll just have to be patient and watch this...its one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen.

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    I can't think of anybody that has done more for mankind than that guy.  It is unbelievable how touching that video is.

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    that's erik!! i have a Q, how on earth did he post his pic in it like that?!

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    who is that person ? the hero perosn ?

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    ohhh its erik , that video is sooo wierd

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    lol.  Our new Big Brother.

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    wow, that's amazing.

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    What a BAD haircut...

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    The hero needs a hair transplant
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    what is it?

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    Wow. I love it!

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    i think i know that guy 

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    wow nice. anyone have the link for where you can upload a picture and do it for your own fun?

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    What was the point of that?  Did it have to do with net neutrality or something?  I feel used.

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    I could not see it - the screen goes black after a few seconds (saying transferring data)

    Is it my connection, or I was unfortunate to catch their server at the wrong time?

    [EDITED:] Oops, sorry! I had installed Quicktime Alternative before installing Firefox...

    {EDITED:} Naah! Reinstalled Quicktime Alternative with Firefox plugin - still does not work...

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    lol,, I didn´t know that Erik was a Swedish hero.

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    At last my true value is recognised

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    jay wrote:



    you'll just have to be patient and watch this...its one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen.

    Seriously Jay, what is the point of this posting?  As far as I can tell it's a pointless video with no redeeming qualities and absolutely nothing to do with chess.  I really do feel like you've spammed the community with this.  Please tell me if I'm missing something because if I am I'd like to be filled in.  At the moment I'm feeling rather angry that I wasted my time looking at this vid because I feel like I've spammed by a staff member for no good reason at all.

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    haha, it was simply a joke man. take it easy! :)

    The guy in the video is our beloved Erik from Chess.com. Some people recognize him, some people don't. sorry if i wasted 8 minutes of your day. :(

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