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Chess.com Sterotypes

  • #161

    Well, Its good that you check out the forums Cool

  • #162

    Any new ideas since this was posted?? I'm in a writing mood.

  • #163

    I'm a Timelord, I always seem to have more time at the end of a game than when I start.

  • #164

    Whoah! Maybe you should play without increment. XD But you're rare, and I don't think think that it can define you. Thanks for the idea though!

  • #165

    Is it sad that I move faster the sharper the position

  • #166

    Im turning into a forum gamer

  • #167
    plotsin wrote:

    Im turning into a forum gamer

    Have you done one about the OP's middle name? Because I bet you can't guess mine.

  • #168

    Abcdyoyo liar

  • #169

    Whoah. And that's a catogorie? Or my middle name? Or what caused you to post here anyway!?!?

  • #170

    If that's a middle name then I'd like to meet the person it belongs to.

  • #171

    I know right?! I bet it'd be some polictions.... haha

  • #172
  • #173

    Bummmmmpppppiiitttyyyyy boo.

  • #174

    Pdela is a celebrity I guess...

  • #175


  • #176

    Or resident haha.

  • #177

    I think the Resident. I'm almost everywhere - groups, vote chess, team matches, live chses, the forums...everywhere. 


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