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Do Not Believe

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    Chess.com's claim that 98% are using version 3?

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    Ponz I agree, I don't like V3

    98% no way. why would they even tell something like that.

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    Yeeeeah....98%. That's right. That's the ticket! 

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    I was using V2 until they posted the thing saying that V2 would shut on september 28...

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    I am not saying they are lying--just that it is hard to believe Undecided

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    I don't believe it either. 

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    Neither do I.

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    Paco from Hawaii hasn't improved so much either.

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    Long live v3 !!
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    I think all new members are basically subjected to the abomination that is V3 because they don't know any better. A huge amount of accounts are inactive anyway. I doubt there are even a million active members and some of them prefer V3 because some people are just naturally deranged. None of this actually factors in your calculations because that's not how things work when you suck things out of your thumb. It is simply a propoganda machine geared toward making members think V3 is cool. Personally I spit on V3 and the misery it represents in my life.

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    V3 speaks


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    I believe I can fly

    I believe I can touch the sky

    I think it about it every night and day

    Spread my wings and....... Wait...... 

    this is a Do NOT Believe thread? 

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    Yeah that claim smells fishy...

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    V3 sucks. The link below has 67 posts discussing same.

    Last post was about August 5. --


    There was an interested episode on 60 Minutes about a month ago -- "Brain Hacking." Ditto with V3.  That's its aim, to keep you hooked, coding BS notwithstanding.

    But the site is free, you say, so no one should complain ??

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    V2 For the win

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    I believe in Donald Trump GOD save Mr Trump Spain is with you go go go Navy seals Team 8 GOD bless America

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    ponz111 wrote:

    Chess.com's claim that 98% are using version 3?

    I'm not using it!

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    My guess is anyone who has ever been on v3 period, regardless of whether or not they even wanted to be on it or just tried it out and said no, was counted in the 98%.

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    Who said v3 sucks?


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