Dumbass guide to "lost position"


Some helpline to "why don't they resign" matter.

Case 1. Your opponent is playing in a "lost position"

playing= making moves in time intervals that can be considered as time needed to think

How to solve this ?

a/ mate him

If it doesn't help two possibilites come to mind:

1. His position is not lost in which case stop whinning he continues playing

2. You are a dumbass who cannot deliver a mate in which case stop whinning he continues playing.

If you can deliver a mate, stop whinning and enjoy your victory . Than stop whinning he played on until the mate.


b/get nervous about Your opponent not resigning get, your queen killed , and get mated yourself . Than stop whinning he played on until he won.

c/ resign yourself, block the particular opponent and stop whining.


Case 2.

He is not playing and with king against QQRR waits until his time expires

a/ get some coffee and a book and smoke a nice pipe while his time expires, than block him away and stop whinning.

b/ resign yourself giving him your precious 8 points of fake chess.com rating and stop whinning.


In any case NEVER , NEVER start another " Oh I had one pawn more and he played on, what-a-bastard, what-about-the-chess-savoir-vivre-which-makes-one-resign thread. And stop whinning.


Whining. Check yo' spelling.


Dumbass guide to a lost position

Play fast

Neglect development

Don't occupy the centre

Don't castle

Capture all pawns at first opportunity

Even more so, actively play for winning pawns right from the start

Move rooks before bishops, and queens before knights

Play all your pieces past the middle line as soon as possible


Oh wait, it's another one of those resign threads


Just try playing the best moves. Play the same position against strong comp and you'll se that no posiiton is easy. Mostly people resign because they don't want to waste energy (badly losing games bring me down and then i suffer in games that i actually do have a chance), if you have energy in abundance why resign? Smile