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Get New Friends Here

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    Hello everyone!

    Chess is more fun with friends! clubs.png

    So I decided to open new topic for making friends!draw.png


    gold.pngTo make new friends, you need to do:

    blogs.pngWrite something here and please dont be shy.

    messages.pngSend a request to people you want to be friends with.

    votechess.pngAnd have fun together!playhand.png

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    oook...hey all... happy.png

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    Thanks for start happy.png

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    To make friends you have to:

    Be friendly.

    Be real and honest.

    Have a sense of humor.

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    JustADude80 wrote:

    To make friends you have to:

    Be friendly.

    Be real and honest.

    Have a sense of humor.

    Yeah thats true. But you should write something first so they can see yougrin.png 

    I mean if peoples write something here about themselves, after that peoples who want to friend can add each ohter.

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    Hello happy.png

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    Hi everybody! I've been playing chess for about 8 years.

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    Hey my name is Jason Landveld (15) and I have been playing for a year now.

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    hi everyonehappy.png


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    I knew I should have taken a right turn at alberquey!

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    Hey I'm Chinese and I am 14 almost 15. I have been playing 2 yrs more or less. I like chess and kpop

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    All are welcome! Nice to meet all new peoples grin.png

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    My name is Rodene... happy.png

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    Nice to meet everybody!

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    Hello Rodene.  Smile

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    Hi All.  I've been playing chess, off and on, for nearly 45 years (probably 35 of those years have been off!).  I find the discussions rather intimidating because of the volume of them.

    I don't aspire to be a world class chess player but would like to just be respectable in friendly games of chess. 

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    Hello im a keen chess player and love playing others my name is Jamie and I'm 13 I've been playing seriously for half a year add me up for a game.

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