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    Wow...sounds like a bit of a sneer at Ringo there.

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    Au contraire and not in the least, Andy. 
    Ringo has always been everyone's favourite fab-fourster. There was rhe John/Paul dichotomy and the George guitar-classic-frustrations but Ringo was just a good-time guy and everyone liked him. Sure he was no Ginger Baker but that was/is the secret to his continual 'nice-guy' image. There was never any doubt about Ringo... he was there for a good time and for a long time and he knew the gods had smiled and smiled and smiled upon him and he was going to return Their pleasure in spades!

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    Although (interestingly enough) he was actually the first of them to "leave" the group...for a little while anyway.

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    Ahhh.. "the first" Andy?
    The... first, eh.
    Is that a cryptic refernce to the bare-footed Paul on Let It Be's Zebra-crossing photo?
    Do you know something we don't?
    Speak! Damn your sweet mauve lips: Speak!
    Vee haff vayz off making ... bad Peter Sellers impersonations.
    I think I should go to bed now. 

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    During the White Album sessions he left the proceedings due to all the rancour and turmoil (and stayed away for a couple of weeks).

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    Ahhh, the WhiteAlbum...

    (excuse me for one moment!) 

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    lol, hello Vince! ;)

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