Resolved: How long will tolerate this kind of behaviour?


Rather than reposting the abuse publicly in here, if you click on the Help & Support link at the bottom of the page, when that page opens look on the far left and click on Contact Us.

You can then report that person for the abuse left on your homepage.

Please don't use the forums to post those though.


It's called freedom of speech and will always cause controversy.  I don't think were the original thinkers behind the idea.

It should be easy to ignore things like this, " Indians are so ******* ugly".. just be aware that the ignorant brain it is coming from aint worth anybodys time and certainly not their feelings.

Maybe they're 14 years old or something, but still don't waste your time on this.. seriously have you nothing better to worry about?  People that say stuff like that end up alone and miserable just see it from that perspective.

dream101 wrote:

It's called freedom of speech

seriously have you nothing better to worry about?

How did you call that again? 'freedom speech'?!


dream101, that is not within freedom of speech, and definitely has a working policy regarding offensive behaviour to keep this place nice and friendly. It's not "allowed" or anything like that.


they don't...that's why the fair play policy is in place (duh) Undecided


How ironic that one of the biggest trash talkers on the site complains about tolerating bad behavior... LMAO!

Based on what? Did I ever leave that kind of comment somewhere?

CerebralAssassin wrote:

they don't...that's why the fair play policy is in place (duh)

As you can see, the fair play policy doesn't prevent those behaviour... duh

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