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How to change default time settings on live chess?

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    Hi, I'd like to change my settings from 5/2 to 10 mins, but it seems it goes back to 5/2 every time I re-open the next day. I checked the help file but couldn't find the answer.

    Help, plz! :)

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    The only sticky time setting for LiveChess I can find is this one ...

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    The image artfizz posted only affects what you see in the graph, it doesn't affect the games you play.


    Use the New Game tab. There is a preset drop down box there. If you don't wish to use any of the preset times, choose 'Custom' and then enter the time of the game you want.

    For it to save you have to have played atleast one game on that new time before logging off live chess.

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    So if I choose 10 min game and then play a 10 min game it will save the setting before logging off? Because I did that yesterday, played a 10-min game, won, and logged off.

    I still get the popup asking what time control to play - I just checked.. I don't understand. I am using the new game tab, it just doesn't remember the next time I log in.

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    I should save it in the New Game tab area.

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    thanks guys it works now

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    I still do not get how to do this, I tried what was said above (apparently incorrectly) but the default value I want is not showing up on my home page where I usually start my live games.  This used to be right but when the website was changed a while back my desired default was changed... I must be slow and need more detailed instructions or is what I am wanting to do no longer possible?


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