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KIesh Friendship Club!

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    Hey everybody! How you doing? last month I created a group called the Kiesh friendsip club. Pretty stupid idea but I thought it would be nice to run a group! So far we have 76 members! This was totally unexpected but due to the great work of my admins and myself our group is rising!

    I was hoping you, the people of chess.com. would like to join! Now I know what you're thinking.' Who's kiesh?' 'What a stupid idea!' 'Why would I want to join?' Well at first I'd agree with you! However you need not be my friend yet to join.

    This group is growing in contrast with other new groups! We have daily puzzles provided by me. We're so far taking part in one vote chess match( more matches to come!) We're also having two types of coaching starting! We have the weekly mentoring system when one person posts something chess related to help begineers. Also a informal coaching program run by jaller! Where there is oe student and one mentor. The mentor helps  the student and once he has increased by 50 points, the mentor gets a special reward!!

    So please join my lovely group!




    Edit: Sorry I spelt kiesh wrong.

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    Do you send out any invites? Are looking for any challenges for team matches? My groups, Venom Chess or Chess Shinigami will accept anything you throw our way.

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    Phyxius, you can just join the group like that! Go on to our home page and click join group!! So far we have 84 members!!



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