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New Chess.com Site for Kids => www.ChessKid.com !

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    Im both members

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                 I'm sorry, I was thrown by the word "new"

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

                  If your caught wandering around this forum without parental escourt, Kohai will be called to take you back to your proper site.

    I'm sorry, I was thrown by the word "new"


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                 The thread's 5 yrs old, I need a coffee      Kohai has escourted ME out of here on more than 1 occasion.

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    My kid just joined.  I think its bizarre that the minimum time for a game is 15 minutes.  You know, because the real beginning kids like my son all have ants in their pants and tend to move every couple seconds regardless of time control.  

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     it used to be you could pick from a G10 G5 and G30.

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    Why are people still replying to this lol

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    no seriously

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    How does

    This work

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    Hello I have constructed a 105-puzzle (1.1gb PDF) picture puzzle book

    of encounters of chess masters or celebrities ending in

    forced mate and photographed in scenic natural settings.

    It is available at bterranlong.wix.com/whitemates


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    Wow! Look at that! The king has two pieces in a fork!

    Ha-ha, just kidding; that penne rigate with green olives is getting me hungry for some breakfast, though!  

    Nice pic!!

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    I signed up as a paying member to this site a while back.  My son likes it a lot.  You hooked him in with the animation on the videos.  Also, it's fun for him to play other novice players.  I'm curious how many people are using this site.  Anyway, great idea and keep it up.

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    i must join this  since i am planning to open a chess academy in rural areas of IndiaSmile

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    Kids can also join the old chess.com because it's harder. I joined when I was 13

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    I purchased a membership for my 9 year-old son at chesskid.  He uses the tactics and lessons over there but he prefers to play games at chess.com.


    It is great to see him improve his game.  I would certainly recommend chesskids!

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    Hello, I have paid membership on chess.com. Could I use chesskid.com for my son with same membership? Please let me know.



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