Players with a rating under 900 shouldn't be allowed to play chess

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    Lol, he laughed his head off for sure, poor guy.

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    Is it me or that head is looking to me ?

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    That's very possible, lol.

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    Maybe it is trying to say me something, it can be a sign

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    randomuser101 wrote:

    What is ruining chess more?

    Casual players who aren't very good, who play terribly but, so what, it's their loss, and they have zero effect on anybody else?


    Elite-level chess, which is played very accurately, but which suffers from extremely deep opening theory sucking the creativity out of games, and from too many games ending in stale draws, a style of chess which every other player seeks to emulate?

    If you follow professional sports, one might argue that the top teams (or individual sports, such as tennis) make the play of their particular activity actually look boring with a fair amount of focus on defense. This does not bother me; it is simply how winning is done for the most part by the good teams. Is Chess really that much different? The game we all love is simply very high in the "draw factor". I think that if someone were to invent a Chess like game of pure skill, after a while, relatively high draw ratios would come about as that game were to evolve and develop its own theory.

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