Resignation Etiquette???

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    RHWoodcock wrote:

    I get two things out of this:

    1). It is rude to drag out a lost game, then resign immediately before checkmate.

    2.) If a game is hopelessly lost, it is rude to drag it out to checkmate.

    I'm not sure I agree totally with number 1. While I wouldn't intentionally drag out a lost game, if I or my opponent was caught by suprise, I would not consider it rude to resign when mate is imminent. I fact, I'd consider it an acknowledgement that the winner had played well.

    Generally, that's the way I take a resignation - and the way I intend it to be taken when I resign - Congradulations to my opponent.


    Like others, I will play out a lost game hoping my opponent makes a mistake. However, once it is obviously not going to happen, I think it rude not to resign. For example, I would consider it rude to force an opponent to play out a took (only) ending - unless I felt he might not manage it. On the other hand, a bishop and knight ending I'd play out unless I was sure my opponent could manage it.


    Somewhat off topic - are comments rude? It seems to me gennerally not , but not sure.



    I have generally the same view, but I feel that especially during bullet and blitz games, or even non-top rated OTB tournament games, it is not considered rude to drag out a game simply because of being down significant material (eg 5 points). In many middle game positions, a "lost" situation may be very dynamic such that one or two tactics later the situation is improved or reversed. Perhaps only to play out the most optimal continuation and observe if the tides shift. I believe that chess sportsmanship also includes fighting for a comeback and holding on to the last chance (as in a possbility of certain advantages in areas such as tempo or piece coordination). I view the ability to draw as also an art. (Get it?)

    @RHWoodcock Anyways, I wasn't too sure what do you by comments? Comments made by the opponent during a game? Would you like to clarify?

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    Sometimes I resign, sometimes I don't. But everytime I resign (even if K+R vs K) I feel like I should have played the game out till the end.

    It's not about that particular game. It's about getting into an habit at least at my level. Why would I want to ever think of resigning. It's stupid to expect my opponents to do so. I don't mind opponents hoping for a stalemate as long as they don't take unnecessarily long between moves.

    Everytime I haven't resigned in a hopeless situation I have played better in subsequent games.

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    I currently have a "stalled" game, one move from checkmate, with a queen and an about to be promoted pawn which will provide the mating move. My path to mate has been clear for 5 moves. I intentionally sacrificed a rook for his last pawn some 10 moves ago, leaving me with 4 pawns on opposite sides of the board, and my opponent with no power pieces or pawns - expecting a quick finish by resignation or otherwise. I'm now in the third day of waiting for his last move in a game that took less than a week for the first 50 moves. THAT'S RUDE.

    I've decided it would be equally rude to tell him so.

    I'm not a novice (in years of play), but have never played a tournament - but understand that conversation in such play would be unnacceptable, and perhaps grounds for disqualification.

    Here, however, I would suspect that "good move" or even "where are you from" or "how long have you been playing" probably would be fine during a game. Of course, I would not consider it rude if I recieved no reply. Also, a running commentary would be arrogant and distracting, so some discretion is certainly necessary. I'd play and comment, here, much as I would with a friend in an over-the-board game.

    But, I'm wondering if others see it the same way?

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    Play at faster time controls and save yourself a tidal wave of keystrokes.  Very Simple.

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    zborg wrote:

    Play at faster time controls and save yourself a tidal wave of keystrokes.  Very Simple.


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    Always resign with your pinky raised.

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    zborg wrote:

    Play at faster time controls and save yourself a tidal wave of keystrokes.  Very Simple.

    But tidal waves of keystrokes are so pretty!

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