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Trysts is gone?! :(

  • #141

    the friend list is only there to teach u where the untrack button is.

  • #142

    I guess the friend list helps you to get a game of chess with nice people you've met here. Or to just make it easy for you to contact nice people you've met here. And you can say "hi" to everyone on your list during the holidays. So it's probably best to have a short list:)

  • #143

    So I just want to pop in and say hello to trysts, famous and beloved you are it seems in these forums.

    Hello, trysts, I am BlackLeopard

    This was me before...


    but I have joined PAT.

  • #144

    Hi, blackLeopard-1. What does, "I have joined PAT" mean?

  • #145
    GM_Maggy wrote:

    Okay Trysts you are right, probably I'm not worth it.

    Yes, I don't really throw parties or anything if you're on my friend list. You would just get a holiday greeting every once in a while. I'm not worth it:)

  • #146

    PAT is a rebellion against rumoured plans the V3 will effectively delete all pics and images from forums and blogs that were uploaded during the V2 versions.

  • #147

    I heard of that rumour. What's does PAT stand for?

  • #148

    P ower A gainst T yranny

    P eople Against T yranny

    some say

    P uppy Against T yranny

    Laughing find out more here:


  • #149

    Wow, that sure is radicalLaughing

  • #150

    Sic semper tyrannis.

    ...and welcome back trysts.

  • #151

    She's back :-)

  • #152

    Yup! + Bump


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